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  • Wendy Wendy Mar 4, 2007 05:00 Flag

    Summer targets for gunners

    If you're having a bit of a shake up can we have Henry please?Pretty please..pretty please with sugar...YNWA.

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    • Even with Henry, you wouldn't be up with us :)

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      • You need a quality keeper as Lehman is crap, you need an out and out goal scorer because you don't have one and you could maybe do with a natural winger as you don't seem to have one of those either, even if that is intentional, it would give you another option.

        Considering Senderos is hopeless and Djourou isn't great I would say you need a centre back to rival Gallas and Toure but that's not a priority if those two remain fit and the other two improve.

        My shopping list for wenger:

        - Kameni (GK) (trust me he's class)
        - Ribery (L/RW)
        - Bent (CF)
        - Curtis Davies (CB)

        A couple of young English talented players is just what you need, and I think they would become top players at Arsenal.

        GK. Kameni/Almunia
        LB. Cliche/Traore
        RB. Eboue/Hoyte
        CB. Gallas/Davies
        CB. Toure/Djourou
        LW. Rosicky/Reyes (get him back)
        RW. Ribery/Hleb
        CM. Gilberto/Diaby
        CM. Fabregas/Denilson
        CF. Van Persie/Adebayor
        CF. Bent/Walcott

        Good team?

        Sell Henry whilst you can get an obscene amount of money from Barca and we will take Adebayor thank you very much! Wolves will give you £200,000 for Aliadere whilst we're at it, I would snap their hand off!

      • Great i'll take that as a 'yes' then.A cheque for £30m will be in the post tomorrow!