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  • Roger E Roger E Mar 8, 2007 05:44 Flag

    Tonight's Performance.....

    .....piss poor basically. The same old story, the opposition put 10 men behind the ball and we can't break them down.

    I thought Hleb had an atrocious game again, forever getting caught in possession and giving the ball away, and to cap a crap performance he gives away the free kick that led to their equaliser.

    Can't understand why AW didn't put Djourou at right back and play Gilberto in the middle - Gilberto looked well out of place at the back.

    Bottom line is we didn't deserve to win tonight (they could have had at least one penalty).

    And the icing on the cake - Thierry picking up yet another injury.

    I just wish I hadn't bothered paying £66 today for a ticket for the West Ham game.

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    • Basically correct. However it was obvious from early season games that this team did not have the ability to play at the highest level. Football is not about pretty passes that get nowhere, it is about scoring goals, and that is where these guys fall down.

      It is all Wengers fault, he has insisted on buying kids from backward leagues who MIGHT be good ONE day.
      The day for being good is always to-day. Can you imagine going into work and saying, well I'll be able to do the job in two to three years, I think the un-employment figures would jump.

      Arsenal have youth teams for bringing players on, you do not play them in the first team.

      Henry as captain is pointless, no clue about how to do the job.

      I could go on to pick great holes in each of Wengers choices, except for the notible exception of Cesc Fabregas (who will probably go to Real Madrid within the next two years, why play with a bunch of losers?)

      It is up to all the season ticket holders to demand their money back, they have been robbed.

      Success breeds success, Arsenal have noting to build on. Wenger should look at Man. U, that club would never allow what has happened at Arsenal to happen there.

      It is a shame that such a great club with such a great history has come to this, the time has come for the board to take decisive action to change things around and that has to start with Arsene Wenger followed by a sale of most of this team.

    • Not gonna rub salt in the wound cos we have the same thing that could happen with our euro and fa dream in the next week.
      However, I doo feel Walcott is really poor, I have not seen him do anything of note.
      When you compare we got Berbi an Lennon as we "failed" in Baptsta and Walcott... would you guys swap the two in a flash???

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        Denilson - that kid os o,proving n i luv his confidence, Toure - Wat can I say, simply good, anywhere on the pitch
        Clichy - 2-3yrs n he will be the best left back

        Gilberto - did he smoke sumtin b4 the match, he was the dodgiest player on the pitch
        Henry - i jus wished if he wud be on the bench all match, Baptista was way better than him...i dnt tink Henry was useful at all last night n i am pretty sure he wont be useful at all this season...

    • I don't think the performance was piss poor but it's the age old story of not having a goal poacher in the side. Too many times a decent looking move broke down due to players trying to find a team-mate in a better position. What this meant was that the opposition defenders were able to close down the space and the chances were gone. We need a player who is selfish around the opposition goal and looks to work the keeper at all times. Without this we will always struggle to score goals and therefore get beaten in games we are dominating. Wenger has to make this type of player his top priority in the summer.

      3 cups we've been knocked out of when we were the better side. Absolutely gutting.

    • Frankly speaking, I am not surprised. I knew they would be knocked out. Their performances lately have been poor. We managed only about 4 goals in the last 6 games, and each time we had more possession. Does not mean we are playing good football does it. There was no urgency, no heart, almost like no interest to shoot. We can't expect to waltz around opponents like they are not there.

      You could argue that he had players out, but the players we had, who were playing their heart out? Only Denilson I think, and he is not even first XI. Everytime we reached the final third, we slowed down and expect PSV to standstill. Heck we expect all our opponents to standstill.

      It is not the problem with the players, it is the mentality and desire to win. I don't see that. We can't say we must but players, I believe it would be the same whoever we buy. It is the way we play, the way we defend, the way we approach the game now that is the problem. We bought Gallas, who is a superb defender, but that did not stop us from conceding sloppy goals. I say the problem lies with AW's inablity to infuse a winning mentality on the players. That needs to be addressed.

    • DID anyone notice lehman's positioning for the psv goal?
      if he had stayed on his line he would have surley saved the goal.

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      • first of all, Gilberto at center back, and Toure as full back? Something is wrong here.
        can someone tell me why?
        then hleb, can someone tells me what happened to him tonight?
        and the rest who wasted chances... is it really wasted chances, no luck or not skillful enough?

        We might need Adibal.
        I have no idea how good are the two Racing guys that we are eying on, if they good, we better get them.
        Robinho, yes, if possible please get him.
        I read that we might be interested with Woodgate also, well, he is kinda prone to injury but no doubt he is good.
        Players like Alex and Ledley King (except for how prone he is to get injury), yes, we need this type of quality desprately!
        If Gareth Bale is that kind of quality, yes, please get him.
        Klose, may be a good replacement for Adebayor if he really wants to go to MU.
        Buffon and the Bolton goalkeeper, if possible please get either one of them.

        Pls seal of the leakage behind.
        I don't care whether he is a English player or not. Just get the leakage seal.
        If needed, get a good defender coach also.

        For the existing player.
        Baptista, please prove that we should keep you.
        Hoyte, please build urself up to be at least as physical as Toure. U r too soft.
        Adebayor, if u want to go to MU, please go ahead. U'll end up like Alan Smith. But if u want to stay, we always welcome u.
        Lehman, u were playing quite ok with Germany, mind doing better with us?
        Henry, we r going to miss u.
        RVP, pls come back asap to save us. We already lost Henry.
        Rosicky, u too.
        Ljunberg, we still need ur experience, just boost up ur physical fitness and don't be another Pires who can play only a limited amount of time.
        Alialiare, I don't know what to do with u when Bendtner comes back. But if u can improve more in the last 9 matches, I see no problem to ask u to stay.
        Fabregas, u need a rest. we cannot go chopping tree everyday (green peace) and sometimes we need to sharpen the axe also.
        Senderos, I don't think we can keep u any more unless u shape up.
        Denilson, good to have u, u will have a lot to learn. pls stay.
        Walcott, u have to improve and I mean a lot.

    • one chance all night and it did us

    • I think we all know the problem here. We need someon e that can actually score! wenger needs to put his hand in his pocket and buy an established goalscorer, not some useless european 14 yr old that will come good in 5 years. We need a goalscorer now or at least someoen that will shoot from outside the box would be nice

    • Totally agree regarding Hleb's performance,but he wasn't the only one.The only players i thought played well was Toure,denilson(brilliant),clichy,adebayor(ok),freddie(ok),gallas(ok)....

      I thought Baptista was very poor(really bad first touch),fabregas(poor passing,very slow,bad miss as well)...

      Overall,i don't think we did enough to go through.We definately lack a cutting edge.Teams know that if they defend properly,sooner or later they will be presented wth a scoring chance.....Story of our season.

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      • it didn't look good at all. we make so many mistakes, passing was fairly bad all night, and some of the chances missed were poor, namly adabayor and cesc.

        your right, teams no that if they want a result all the need do is pack pack the middle of the pitch and leave no space between defence and midfield, we hardly ever cross, are set pieces are shite, and we have no plan B. when it looks good, it's the best. but when it's not working there is no change in style, it's as if they don't know how to play any other way.

        i wish we'd do some distance shooting practice too. helb needs to learn how, cesc needs to improve, rosicky used to be good, then came to arsenal and hardly try's any more, and i thought baptista hit them too! with the positions we get into we can afford to shoot. teams know we rarly shoot from distance so just let us piss around on the edge of the box!

        it's so frustrating. may be it's time for a clearout. send baptista back, sell fredie. and bring in some direct pace on the flacks, and some midfield firepower.

        i don't fancy another maybe season, because we are soo very close to being great!

      • Hleb was very very poor, god cant he have a shot a goal once in a while, Baptista was also very poor he is trying too hard to impress, Alex from PSV played a blinder, looks like an old english type of centre half.
        we def need to buy in the summer and sell as well, hleb ,sorry is not good enough, baptista as well.
        oh well there is always next season.

      • Totally agree with your assessment.

        Baptista doesn't look a class act, Freddie isnow, I think past his best and Cesc has not had a really good game for quite a while now, perhaps he needs a rest.

        We're not going to beat these sides (which is most these days) who play an ultra defensive formation against us, unless we get ourselves a new dimension and sign a target striker - someone who is quality in the air.

      • unfortunately, you are very right. The lack of a cutting edge has cost all dearly this season

    • were just not good enough...lets face it,, first half a luck lustre peformance..its better for us to go out now as we would never ever got to the final.not the way were playing.

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      • I am a Manu supporter. Reading the thread, I feel you are doing injustice to a good side, and a good manager. Yesterday was bad. But, have heart. Your side is good, and full of promise. Maybe next year you will see some silver. Best of luck.

      • I am a dedicated Wenger supporter but the guy messed up today
        1. Henry wasn't fit at all and we have seen all season he has been below par. When he came on we were effectively playing with 10 men. Shoot me if you want but I think that was an insult to people like Alladiere. He is fit, so why not play him
        2. Then Henry picked up an additional injury which meant he was even of less use. When I expected the manager to appreciate this incapacity to the team and replace Henry, he removed one of the better players and put...Walcott. Surely he must have been aware the latter was going to be far less dangerous in these situations especially as it has become clear he is not strong on the ball. The 2 substitutions weakened the team
        3. Also from the way Hleb was losing the ball all night, I thought he was the obvious candidate to come off, instead he took Ljunberg off

        I am not a coach but even I could see the obvious.

        Maybe I am being too harsh as I am still very very much gutted