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  • FENIX FENIX Mar 9, 2007 22:33 Flag

    Henry out in the summer?

    yeh i think thats the case, his lost his touch which he had lasst season and the 2 seasons before that, he has been performing well below his usual level. he probably will leave for 15m to 25m, if chelsea want him then they would pay 50m. that would be great. but 15m more likely. get robinio, and also buffon, or a keeper of his caliber, one center back like mexes or sumone like alex. get torres at any cost.

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    • You guys amaze me! What love, what loyalty!
      One of the greatest players to ever wear an Arsenal shirt, has a poor season due to constant injuries and you want to sell him! I don't think we really need fans like you.
      Torres is not in the same class as a fit Henry, so why not give Henry a break shall we? Let him get fit again, let him play at full throttle and then decide.

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      • Wat a joke! Sell Henry???
        No way! Just let him rest for the rest of the season n come back fit next season to help us fight for titles again.
        Letting one of the best striker (if not the best) go becos he has a bad season due to injury just plain idiotic.
        Unless he comes out n says he doesnt wan to play us anymore, we should never let him go, not for 15m nor 50m.
        Hav faith, the King will return stronger than before!!!!

      • Well said Paul.Some fans have very short memory.

      • If you manage players like cattle with no respect and understandings, you will never gain players that will give all their art for the club but money makers.
        If you don’t keep players like Henri, you will never manage to get talented players. To commit young guns want to come to a club where they can play with myths and where they know they can build a career and become the next legend.