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  • RinaldhyO RinaldhyO Mar 9, 2007 22:17 Flag

    Henry out in the summer?

    What do you all think, I'm not saying that we should let the king leave his throne here at Arsenal, but what would be best for the club?

    It doesn't seem to be Henry's best season at Arsenal, and not just because of the injuries, when he was playing in some matches, he didn't seem like he was really there. Is it a matter of undecisiveness on Thierry's part, maybe he's regreting staying, I don't know, just guessing. I'm not sure but maybe if Barca or Real come in with a bid, AW might do us well by considering it.

    Plus the money we get from him (£20-100 million) could be used to buy more players, Villa, Buffon for instance.

    Really want to know what you all think.

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    • I've come here before-as a Liverpool fan-and with tongue in cheek enquired about you selling us Henry.As i've said before i still can't believe you want to sell your BEST player.I know every player has a price and every player has a sell-by date BUT you are having the same debate about Henry now as you had about Viera.You sold him but hand on heart have you really replaced him?

      You have top quality coming through but getting rid of Henry seems like football suicide to me..

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      • Every player has a price and for a big fee I would have no problems with selling Henry. Having said that I think this year should not be held against him. Thierry has been absolutely brilliant for Arsenal and I think he still has lots of great football in him.

        Vieira was a different case. For three straight summers we had to put up with the "will he-wont he?" stuff with Real Madrid. In the end Wenger got a good price and decided to completely rebuild the side. In some respects we have missed him, but seeing Fabregas, Denilson and Diaby coming through makes me think that Wenger did absolutely the right thing.

        I have followed Arsenal too long to expect a trophy every season. As a Liverpool you will know exactly what I mean by that. Sometimes things just dont work out. The only thing you can do is shrug and hope the future looks good. For Arsenal it certainly does.

    • Henry pisses me off at times in fact ALL SEASON, but saying lets sell him is a bit ...wat can i say - EXAGGERATED...dnt 4get dat he is ARSENAL'S Captain, dnt 4get that he is Injured(which can be an excuse 4 his irritaing n fuked up performance), dnt 4get dat he is one of the BEST STRIKERS IN THE WORLD...he did not show any quality this season, but da excuse is that he was injured, i personally tink that if he aint 100% fit enough 2 play he shud be chillin home or werever fuk he chills, but not riksin him by playin n gettin more injuries...
      2 be honest, i dnt tink he did jack shit in the PSV match, i wonder how did he get injured...but Henry is Arsenl's king n he shudnt go...dats my opinion

    • Didn't do it for me last season and shite this season.

      If he is injured and not in the right condition to play then don't fucking play him. we have done well engough without a player of him undoubted skill,

      Should never, ever be club captain. The guy cannot lead the team on the pitch, he is too continentl in his attitude. If it ain't perfect he get the hump.

    • We'll still finish ahead of you pal.

    • He’s had one off season for fucks sake. He’s carried our team for so many seasons where we have relied on his goals and his assists (When Freddie and Pires were banging in 15 each a season, who do you think was feeding them), one bad run and he’s dispensable. How fucking fickle can you get?

      There is a lot of talk about how we play better as a team without him. How can you judge this from 4 performances max, especially when he has been injured for so long?

      He lost a CL Final and a WC final in a very short space of time and this may have contributed to his solemn attitude. I saw loads of you lot blowing bubbles up his arse when he came back and scored vs Blackburn so I don’t see why you’re dismissing what he means to this club!

      If Chelsea had offloaded Drogba, like many wanted to last season, they’d be 4th, and if we were to get rid of a player (our all time top goal scorer) how much would we miss his experience. We need him, Gilberto and Toure to be the experienced role models that the young talent will learn from. They know what it means to win with Arsenal; Cesc, Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky, Hleb etc. don’t.

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      • The question you have to ask his how serious is his injury? It seems to have plagued him the last couple of seasons - he was off for a considerable amount of time last season, too.

        He's no longer a young lad and so may never be back to full fitness, certainly not at the level that Arsenal would require.

        If you were to sell him now you would still get a lot mof money for him. If, after a year when he has a simlar sort of season as a result of this dogging injury, there's no way you;d be able to sell him and make a lot of money out of it. Then again, keep him and he may yet hit top form again.

        Tough decision.

    • Right now you should be lucky if you get £20mil for him.If you had sold him last year,different story,£30 mil for sure.
      Sometimes I just don't understand Wenger.He sold Viera when you needed him most and yet he doesn't want to sell Henry.You could have made serious money if you had sold him a year ago.

    • yeh i think thats the case, his lost his touch which he had lasst season and the 2 seasons before that, he has been performing well below his usual level. he probably will leave for 15m to 25m, if chelsea want him then they would pay 50m. that would be great. but 15m more likely. get robinio, and also buffon, or a keeper of his caliber, one center back like mexes or sumone like alex. get torres at any cost.

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      • You guys amaze me! What love, what loyalty!
        One of the greatest players to ever wear an Arsenal shirt, has a poor season due to constant injuries and you want to sell him! I don't think we really need fans like you.
        Torres is not in the same class as a fit Henry, so why not give Henry a break shall we? Let him get fit again, let him play at full throttle and then decide.

    • £20-£100 million on his current form and age?????? If you care to remember correctly Barca did come in for a bid last year but Henry/Wenger/Arsenal all refused. In fact Henry specifically said in an interview that he would 'now never be playing in Spain'. Egg on face time I'm afraid.

    • If you were at the PSV game you would have read his programme notes. It's bloody difficult when you're playing through pain, TH has been all season and (like many of us suspected) he admitted to losing pace due to pain when running at full speed.
      Thierry Henry has more than proved his love for AFC, let's give him a rest, give him a break and stop questioning his commitment. I'm sure we'll see him back to his best next season.
      Surely a guy with his record deserves the benefit of any doubt?