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  • Mahmoud Mahmoud Mar 18, 2007 19:32 Flag

    Today's Line-up???

    Henry, gone. RvP, gone. Adebayor, banned. Baptista, injury doubt (sky sports news). Walcott, gone. Apart from Aliadiere, who the hell else we have up front for today's game?!


    What do you guys think?

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    • I think your CRAP, and your only way forward is to sack whinger/wenger.
      How many more seasons will he con you lot ? all you ever hear is "we're building for the future"

    • Oh dear god.. The same old story again and again..

      Team playing attractive football looking for player with ability to score, position to fill ASAP.

    • To be honest,Man utd have been the best team this season,no arguments there.
      Our problems have partly been self inflicted,partly bad luck,partly an improvement by man utd this season.

      I think arsene(although a great manager for us)has made vital mistakes this season,especially in the league.
      Namely,1,why continue with senderos(when we can all see that he's not top quality)

      2,overplaying fabregas(he's played in all but two or three games this season)..he should have played diaby in cesc' position when he became fit.Giving cesc a well deserved rest.

      3, sticking with BOTH hleb AND Rosicky in the team at the same time(i don't think that they are both suited to play in the same midfield)...

      4, no width in the team.....sometimes we have four or five players who want to play centrally,leaving us with no width whatsoever.

      Having said that,i still believe arsene will get it right in the end.

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      • I so agree with you! especialy with the over playing of Fabregas, he is not doing the team or the player any favours with that.

        Although I don't expect anyone to agree with me but against Everton yesterday I would have liked to put denilsson in for Fabregas after 60 minutes and keep Baptista in.

        Fabragas looked out of steam, out of ideas, out of motivation, which can happen to any player when over used.
        The manager needs to protect the player against himself.

    • No, it did actually prove my point!

      Anyone who scores is a 'goal scorer' and you have players incapable!

      Cogito, ergo sum.....

    • Expect another bad season next year we got a manager who dont care if we dont win anything he should be consentrating on buying playersin stead and stop relying on the youngsters

    • We have some great youngsters for the future but football works on the here and now whatever wenger says. I honestly think wenger needs to stop talking us up cause when we cant even beat a poor team like everton we all look stupid.

      If i was wenger in the summer i would get rid of ljunberg for starters..and another as much as i love henry he aint a captain he shrugs his shoulders and moans too much.toure would be a much better choice.

      We need a proven 25 goal a season stricker.. as for names i would take a serious look at berbatov and i would seriously suggest even if it meant 20 million go for him (we should have signed him in the first place) we also need decent backup for the centre backs i for one would make a move for

      i dont wanna say much more than that cause wenegr wont do it cause he has this thing when he says something he doesnt eat his words and go back on it even if it means the team suffer...and he has stated he will only sign super super quality i c them two as super super quality but i dont know what goes on in his head.

    • Well I know you need one that works properly but I don't know you well enough to spend that much money just to help you talk sense!

      Try the NHS, they have a waiting list for Arsenal fans, it's quite long...

    • You can't see past those 3 teams at the moment really can you, considering the circumstances at each club?

      Liverpool are now in the money.
      Chelski are always in the money.
      United have raised their game, play the best football, have the perfect balance and are about to iontegrate some of the best youngsters in Britain into a winning team.
      Arsenal are hoping these youngsters will be champions in a year, two years, three? That's too late, where do you think the other three will be?

      I hope spurs get up there soon alfy, all those talented young English players balanced with quality foreigners, they have so much potential. I hope you can hang on to them for your sake because in a couple of years you could be a REALLY top class team IMO. I think Jol is taking you in the right direction.

    • *Sigh* Dreadful game, knew they'd score a last minute winner. Gay gay gay gay gay gay.

    • I know its 40 Jol has been quoted as saying alfy, but you know full well that end of next season, with 2 years left on his contract (he signed a 4 year deal), we (United) could snatch him off you for 20-25 million.

      He's committed to you for the short term, but I think if United come sniffing in a year or two he'd make the move. You can't blame him either mate.

      No chance he'll join A*senal though. Once the CL gets cut down to 3 teams from each league they will be a UEFA cup team, and besides, Sol was very much a one off.

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