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  • Govinda Govinda Mar 19, 2007 21:23 Flag

    sometimes AW scares me!!

    The system is too important to AW in that he believes with a great system you can win with average players.

    A good system is the foundashion of long term success but great players bring it home. No team can be full of great players but currently we do not have very many great players.

    As above analysis in this threat has indicated (and one can disagree a bit with the specifics of the anaysis above but not a lot)our squad is not full of great players. And please remember potential is for the future.

    In my book the great players I am happy of having for next season (assuming they are healthy) and would probably start in most contenders ( for both CL and EPL)are Toure, Gallas & Henry with Gilberto almost making this group.

    Then we have a few very important support players (like Schools for Man U, Essien & Makele for Chelsea) who are also crucial in contending teams but here we move out of the proven stars zone to the "proven potential" zone. For me Fabragas, RVP, Clichy, are some what proven potential with Rosicky struggling to make this group. Yet these guys have to show it over a whole season not just 25% of the games.

    Than we have the "un-proven but promissing" catagory:
    Delisson, Diaby

    And for me the rest is "commodity" in that I would not weep if AW trades them.

    I would love to see let go:

    Senderos (although yes better in central defence than Gilberto)
    The Beast

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    • I think that's a pretty fair assessment, I would get rid off Hleb, Baptista, Flamini, Aliadiere and Senderos.
      It is crucial to remember though that our two premier strikers have missed (or played through injury) much of the season. RVP has been out since Jan and Henry has not been fit since the World Cup. Any team would struggle with these problems, would Chelsea be as strong minus Drogba? Would Man Utd be the same minus Ronaldo? Of course not, there are cracks, no doubt about that at all, but injuries in key positions have crippled us too. How many times have we had Clichy and Eboue covering as full backs in the same match? How often has Gallas played with Toure as our number 1 centre back partnership? I really don't think that our injury situation could have been any worse, especially as the injuries have always involved the first choice player and then the cover ie Eboue / Hoyte, Henry / RVP, Rocinsky / Freddie / Hleb, Clichy / Gallas etc etc, any team would struggle with that.
      So we do need to make adjustments, we need to add / get rid of a few players, but I really don't believe that our problems are major, just a little tuning, more luck with injuries and one or 2 new players, then we'll be fine!