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  • Govinda Govinda Mar 27, 2007 22:51 Flag

    Arsenal Should Buy More English Players...

    Look it might well be that many English players are more expensive than their foreign counter parts. Having said that I would like some insiders to tell me that these English lads should not be able of winning the 2008 EC.

    Looking at mere talent they have, in my humble and amatuer opinion, as good a chance as most big name Euro countries, provided they play to their potential. Getting a team to play to their potential is up to the manager in my view, even more in international footabll since the manager is not restricted by any budget like the club level managers are.

    As too not blaming club level managers for optimizing their budgets and in the process buy "same level" talent for less money outside of the UK, I do not blame them at all.

    I believe that true football fans enjoy seeing the most exciting football. It is hard to deny that as a result of the EPL teams having bought some of the best talent available outside of the UK, the EPL, in my opinion, now has a serious claim on being the best football league in the world. Who would not want to watch that every weekend?

    With out the foreign players in the EPL it would not be what it is today. Football is business and over time individual talent will be fairly priced, but since assessing talent is not an exact sience and players go through ups and downs, as do clubls, so can players prices and salaries in any one or few seasons over their careers be found out to be too high or too low. This hardly ever lasts.

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    • Intelligent remarks. Let's not forget also that yooung English players are priced highly to discourage demand. The spending power of premiership clubs in general is much greater than that of lower leageus. Why then shouldn't lower league clubs demand more for their key players who will leave a massive hole in the side after their departure? They have premiership ambitions and know they must be able to purchase players of that standard in order to compete.

      In contrast, the next Ivory Coast starlet will be worth much less because his club doesn't need x amount of cash in order to be competitive in their league.

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      • So by that way of thinking the lower league club can replace their lost player with the Ivory coast player (who would probably be better than the homegrown one) for a low price.
        Hell with the amount of money they'd make selling the "English" player they could probably be able to buy three Ivory coast players each with twice the skill of the one they sold.

        Or do you not want to look at it that way?