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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 4, 2007 18:16 Flag

    Next season starts now and if it does not we are in troubel.

    I think it is important to realise that next season starts now.

    If we are to have any hopes for next season, it is between now and the next season that they will be created.

    Does AW have the managerial skills to motivate this young group of players to win every remaining game? Or are we going to struggle home? In my view the current squad is missing one or two players to compete for the title next season, but it should easily be strong enough to beat the Boltons and the Spurs of the world. There is no hiding that fact.

    It is up to AW to show us why he put this group together, not next season but now. That would give me confidence he can still motivate and inspire a team and that he can wake up to what needs to done.

    Than I hope over the summer (and you can have a different view on this) he strengthens our midfield with experience and perhaps add a 15-20 goal striker. two max three new players that's all we need.

    But let's not write off this season, lets not fool ourselves into believing that the remainder of this season means nothing. It means everything, it will show us what we can expect of this group of players and manager when things get difficult. We are in a crisis and that is when great managers prove them selves.

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