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  • Govinda Govinda Apr 4, 2007 20:37 Flag

    Next season starts now and if it does not we are in troubel.

    intelligent comments...

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    • At some point though transition must become fruition and this must commence next season.
      I feel incredibly frustrated about our club, largely because I do not think that any of our rivals are that great, I know that ‘on our day’ we can beat all of them, but that day rarely comes.
      What we do not have and what Wenger has consistently failed to address is an answer to beating teams intent on defending, Hleb will run at defences but he WON'T be terrifying them with both pace and skill as they all know that he can’t pass or score, whereas Ronaldo and Robben can. Walcott potentially yes, but he is far from the end product and Rocinsky and Freddie will not beat their man. RVP and Henry can beat their man, but the wide option is more reliable.
      A healthy squad needs competition in all places, when I mention Cahill the reply is often ‘but we’re ok in midfield,’ well if we are, how come that our midfielders score so few goals?
      I’m not convinced by many of our players, Denilson and Walcott are far from ready, the latter (even with his pace) rarely beats his man and passes poorly, Eboue has major defensive flaws, Hleb is just poor, Rocinsky is still waiting to mature and Ade’s goals to chances ratio is not particularly good, whilst Flamini is simply not the real thing. Expensive but crap Baptista must go, as should Aliadiere.
      Then we have Freddie, once great, but now sadly fading away but always in our hearts.
      For me the ONLY position where we are well covered is in defence (not goalie) yes, like the rest of the team they are a bit out of form, but I wouldn’t make too many changes there, maybe I’d play Hoyte more, but it is other areas that need to be addressed first.
      So I would definitely buy a goalkeeper, I would buy a goal scoring midfielder ie Cahill (or someone similar), I would buy a wide player with pace who can beat his man and I would consider (depending upon how good Bendtner is going to be) buying a forward.
      All of the purchases MUST be world class and quality, three world class players and maybe four. We cannot afford to have anymore players in this side that are ‘potentially good,’ we are too far behind the leaders to piss about buying unfulfilled youngsters, we need results.

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      • Firstly,i think marintii is entitled to an opinion,we may not necessarily agree with them,but they deserved to be heard.That said,i definately don't think that we are in crisis,not by a long chalk.I think arsene can still motivate the players.

        I agree with a lot of what sillysamosa has said(it's a well thought out post)....we definately need two/three top world class players.Not players who are 'up and coming'(we have enough of those)but fully fledged stars.

        We need a top goalkeeper( arsene has a 'blind spot' where goalkepers are concerned i think)...
        A wide player who crosses the ball and/scores goals would also be nice.

        I also think that the futures of hleb,flamini,senderos,aliadiere,possibly baptista,should be under consideration.I'm not saying that they should necessarily be sold,but they should be under pressure to perform to a higher standard.

        Next season we should see an improvement in the form of denilson,walcott,van persie,diaby,hoyte,adebayor who will all have benifited from having a season under their belts.

        Hopefully Henry will be back to his lethal best(with four/five months of complete Rest)..
        Gallas should also show why we bought him.
        Fabregas will also improve that 5 or 10% that moves him from being a very good player to one who is world class and can win a game on his own.He needs to improve physically and also add goals to his game.

        So all in all,things are not too bad......we just need that 'little bit extra' to go to the next level.

      • I totally agree with your comments.
        Chelsea, Utd and Liverpool are bound to spend in the close season and they will not buy " youngsters " they will buy established international quality players.
        We have a very good group of young players in both our Youth team and reserve squads, and AW will blood some of these in the Carling Cup.
        We need a new goalkeeper ( Carson/Foster? ) another quality centre half, a ball winning, goal scoring midfielder
        ( Barton, Cahill? )and a wide player, preferably who can cross a ball.
        In all of our recent games our crossing has been awful, mind you so have our free kicks, corners etc!
        I realise that RVP and Henry will take the majority of these next season, but surely Cesc and Denilson could at least learn the art?
        Let Flamini, Senderos, Baptista and Lehman go, extend Gilberto's contract, do a deal regarding Reyes and please, please, please try to get Vierra back.
        And if they finally raid the Arsenal piggy bank, lets get Et'o and/or Villa