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    The difference between arsenal and man utd

    This might seem a strange statement to make,but,i don't feel that there is a great deal between the two teams.

    If you saw west ham game and man utd's game against roma,united scored seven from about 10 shots on target.We should have maybe scored seven from our shots on target.So on the day/night most of utd's shots went in,while we missed/had saved all our chances.

    Unfortunately,at the highest level,putting the ball in the back of the net is not only the hardest thing to do,but it's also the most important.

    Fair play to man utd,they got the job done.Although Roma are not the best side in italy,you still have to beat whoever is put in front of you.

    This is the most galling thing for me;the fact that we should have put Psv to the sword.We just didn't show the necessary application and desire to win.If you look at Man utd,chelsea and liverpool,they all were prepared to walk over broken glass to ensure they reached the semi final.Unfortunately,our players(for whatever reason)did not show the same desire.

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    • A big difference is that Man U fans are the most gullable around.
      Most of them aren't from Manchester also.
      Anyboby seems to follow them.

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      • If a British player is good, I do not see us having any problem to play them.

        Pennant chose to leave because in his position, we have Ljunberg in top form during that time.

        Bentley case was because we have RVP and Henry.

        These players want 1st team football and during that time, we cannot provide them that, thus, they leave and it is reasonable. Don't tell me if one day if Henry and RVP are fit and performing well, Walcott want to leave because he is not getting Henry/RVP place and we cannot send Henry or RVP to the bench yet, we have to force ourself in doing so in order to keep a British player.

        Ashley Cole, I am not too sure, perhaps because of money or perhaps he felt that we didn't support him enough in his court case.

        I do not see any problem to place British players in our squad, if they are as good as Campbell and Keown, why not?

        We can have a whole squad of British players also. But 1st, they have to prove that they are good enough to challenge for a place.

        Another concern will be if SWP cost 20 million and Ryan Babel cost 5 million, who will u buy?

        I understand that we love to see our own country people in our club but if they are too expensive or if they are not good enough, we simply can't sign them.

        Arsenal is not a rich club like Chelsea, even a club like Chelsea only have Lampard, Terry and Cole/Bridge in their 1st XI. They cannot buy all the British players that they want or simply buy any British player and place it in their squad. The reason is simple, not that they cannot afford, just that they cannot find enough such quality which the other clubs willing to sell to replace Cech, Drogba, Robben, Carvalho, Mikel, Kolou etc.

        Another question here is, if we cannot put any British players in our 1st XI sometimes, can we have some in our accademy or can we grow some? The answer is yes, and we are doing it currently. We are not a French club and the same goes to Liverpool, they are not a Spanish club. Arsenal is doing the country a favour by bringing up new local players and these players are responsible for their own future. If they want to emerge into the 1st XI of England squad for World Cup, they know what they should do.

    • In a word, Vast!Comparing two games - West Ham and Roma, for a start, one will soon be in the championship, the other will be challenging for the scudetto next season. Not exactly like for like.

      That aside even if they were even teams, the fact that arsenal have as many and as good a chances as Man Utd, dosn't make them parrallel in quality. Arsenal miss woefully so often thats its become a joke.

      Man Utd aren't the most ruthless side in football either, but they are Lions next to Arsenal.

      Its all about Arsenals poor mentality for me. It comes straight through from the manager and the skipper. Wenger simply can't handle Mourinho and Ferguson, and doesn't have winning mentality, he just moans, drones, and never criticises his own players.

      Henry is mentally is a lame duck, and should never have been made captain, he can't handle it, he has difficluty inspiring others, unless he's playing inspirationally, and he'd do that more if he wasn't captain.

      Plus he cuddles Baby Theo before every game and its frankly embarassing.
      Arsenal aren't going anywhere fast without big changes. Henry out, Eto'o in, and hope for the best.

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      • yeah the differences between man utd an arsenal are so huge thats why uve been beaten by the arsenal twice!! didnt see man utd playing so much better than arsenal then specially at old trafford where utd to be perfectly honest where shocking arsenal could have won that game 3 or 4-0 an man utd had like one chance the whole game shows how amazing they are.

    • The difference between us and Man U is we have gone unbeaten all season. And they still havent got over that FACT.

    • Didn't we do the double over the fearsome red devil's this season? Those six points are going to be the reason why Chelsea are going to take the title this season and not Manu.

      The logic of the opening statement states that we lost games because we don't have Brits, that's no more logical than saying Manchester United lost to us twice this season because they played Brits. Nationality has nothing to do with winning and losing, to consider such is the folly of a deluded jingoist.

      We've simply hit poor form all over the pitch. Defensively we've been a joke and attacking we have lacked the creativity from midfield and the confidence to strike in attack. However we have still passed the ball in neat little circles to please all the purists with no actual progress towards the goal line.

    • The difference is that Man U have Brits(rooney,carrick,neville,richardson,brown,scholes,ferdinand,giggs,ferguson,etc,etc) and Arsenal don't!!! Also Liverpool(gerrard,carragher,crouch,pennant,fowler,bellamy,etc,etc) and Chelsea(terry,lampard,wright phillips,j.cole,a.cole,bridge,etc,etc) have Brits!!
      These teams are still in BIG competions and they have a great MIX of Brits/foreigners!
      PSV are a poor team and they showed Arsenal up!Liverpool showed PSV up and Man U showed Roma up. Chelsea battle because Terry,Lampard make them battle!Liverpool battle because Gerrard and carragher make them battle(Champions League final 2205 is a classic example).
      Arsenal NEED players to help this bunch battle a bit more. THIS is when the Brits/foreigner MIX is invaluable!!
      It's a PITY that Wenger is too arrogant to go back on HIS mistakes!!!

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      • Interesting post,longsleddale,i do take your point about there not being a balanced mix between the brits and 'foreigners'.I do think we have some players who don't have the necessary determination,but i'm not sure if it's their nationalities at play,or they just don't have the mental fortitude.

        I'd just like to make a few points...when we beat man utd,liverpool this season with this 'mix' of foreigners,did we lack fight?
        You've mentioned how gerrard,terry,lampard,and other british players 'battle',are these the same players who 'battled' during the world cup in germany?or in the qualifying games for euro 08?

        The so-called 'battling' british quality is a relic of a by-gone age when it was thought that the foreigners 'didn't like it up 'em'.....just remind me,which countries have won the most world cups?...most european cups?
        If 'battling qualities' is all that was needed to win major trophies,then scotland would be world cup winners by now!!

      • the difference between man utd & arsenal is... man utd fans are capable of making a riot at france, italy and even at old trafford... lol...

    • I think you about spot on there. Would also like to Kolo in Def' midfield role. I reckoned on a top class CB which Woodgate will give us. New Keeper and new Left winger. I am happy with Eboue at RB but he maybe better going forward. Gilbert will be back from the Bluebirds next season so he may play more of a part next season, give competion for places as well as good crosses so not sure we need another RB? Also have Hoyte who is getting better by the game.
      Would be great and give the experience to help raise the game of the youngsters. But I would say it's a bit of a wish list I would be suprised if we got 1 let alone all of these players. Price for one thing. If you took Eto off you may get the others!

    • I don't think Trezeguet is a realistic signing! The guys 30 this year and we all know what that means in AW's book, unless he will sign 1 year contracts and be on free. Eto is a realistic possiblilty and he has said he wants to play for us. Not 100% sure we will get him because we will probably get out bid by Liverpool or Chelsea.

    • You want to sign players that can improve the Arsenal? If any of you can reach Arsene, tell him this: try to do a deal with Real Madrid. Real has 2 players on loan who r less likely to go back.
      1st is Woodgate who is a dominant cb that u missing now.
      2nd is Diogo, who is a rb now at Real Zaragoza. He is very strong in tackle, good on the ball, good going forward kinda of kolo on rb position. This is a guy who's not going to get bullied on the ball in the EPL. The only problem with him and Madrid is, he does not look pretty and does not play fancy football to be a galactico.
      Another thing, ask him to give them back batista.
      With that Eboue will have competion or move him to the right wing where i feel he'll perform better that Help.
      Can u picture Arsenal with Gallas n Woodgate as cb with kolo as a holding midfielder in front of them. Eboue with his pace, tricks, dives(lol) as r/winger. Arsenal wud have solve lots of problems they have now.
      The midfielders you have Cesc,Diaby n Denilson will improve with age but still need a proper left winger( what about Petersen from blackburn). Strikers: Henry, RVP, Ade, Brentner, Vela, Theo are fine.
      And last not the least, a goalkeeper. Can u still Buffon? They want Gilberto from u.

    • I could only see eto here as part of a player exchange with Henry.
      I do think there is a remote possibility of Trezeguet coming here - I have read he wants to leave Juve and is a player AW has long admired. He could come fairly cheaply
      Has not done much for a while though

    • It is not unrealistic to think about Eto'o coming to Arsenal - he has said on numerous occasions he would like to play in England and we do have the necessary budget because we haven't spent last seasons or this seasons transfer budget. That doens't make it likely that we will buy him since AW has never signed a galatico before, but he would almost certainly improve the team.

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