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  • ME ME Apr 12, 2007 01:25 Flag

    The difference between arsenal and man utd

    The difference is that Man U have Brits(rooney,carrick,neville,richardson,brown,scholes,ferdinand,giggs,ferguson,etc,etc) and Arsenal don't!!! Also Liverpool(gerrard,carragher,crouch,pennant,fowler,bellamy,etc,etc) and Chelsea(terry,lampard,wright phillips,j.cole,a.cole,bridge,etc,etc) have Brits!!
    These teams are still in BIG competions and they have a great MIX of Brits/foreigners!
    PSV are a poor team and they showed Arsenal up!Liverpool showed PSV up and Man U showed Roma up. Chelsea battle because Terry,Lampard make them battle!Liverpool battle because Gerrard and carragher make them battle(Champions League final 2205 is a classic example).
    Arsenal NEED players to help this bunch battle a bit more. THIS is when the Brits/foreigner MIX is invaluable!!
    It's a PITY that Wenger is too arrogant to go back on HIS mistakes!!!

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    • the difference between man utd & arsenal is... man utd fans are capable of making a riot at france, italy and even at old trafford... lol...

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      • Congrats ravknight. Up until I read your post everyone had posted lucid and intelligent comments. But we can always trust at least one gooner to make an idiotic statement. Tell you what, if your fans are forced into a small stand causing a fans crush, or bottles, batteries and oranges stuffed with razor blades are hurled at them, or thugs in uniform beat them senseless with batons just because a few of them charged a plastic wall then you might be able to talk. Otherwise, shut it! Our fans have always been amongst the best behaved. We are just unlucky that post France there is a stigma attached to English travelling supporters. Besides, I wouldn't take about Utd fans when you have thugs like Adebayor, Eboue and Toure in your team. Trust the Arse to disgrace a cup final.

    • Interesting post,longsleddale,i do take your point about there not being a balanced mix between the brits and 'foreigners'.I do think we have some players who don't have the necessary determination,but i'm not sure if it's their nationalities at play,or they just don't have the mental fortitude.

      I'd just like to make a few points...when we beat man utd,liverpool this season with this 'mix' of foreigners,did we lack fight?
      You've mentioned how gerrard,terry,lampard,and other british players 'battle',are these the same players who 'battled' during the world cup in germany?or in the qualifying games for euro 08?

      The so-called 'battling' british quality is a relic of a by-gone age when it was thought that the foreigners 'didn't like it up 'em'.....just remind me,which countries have won the most world cups?...most european cups?
      If 'battling qualities' is all that was needed to win major trophies,then scotland would be world cup winners by now!!

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      • I agree about the World Cup,etc. Maybe they'd put too much effort into their clubs during the year because England looked totally drained.
        What I'm saying is that the Brits seem to put more effort in because they're representing a club where they are from.
        I've seen a lot of this Arsenal squad play blinders for their countries.
        I think that the homegrown players seem to fight a lot harder. It definitely makes up for the lack of skill.
        You have to admit that that has been this clubs problems over the past two years! Skill,yes they have,but when a bit of grit is needed they sometimes seem to give in much too early!I hope they will go on until the end of the season and get that 4th spot!The extra effort is needed now!

      • Yep Scotland would be world beaters and Robbie Savage would be better than Pele.