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  • After todays performance (just seen the highlights on tv) i think Rosicky is starting to grow more into his role on the wing. He seems to be shooting more often which is good considering the goals hes scored for us. He seems to be starting to control the play more aswell which is great to see. I think next year rosicky could be one of the main players for us hopefully he can get into the same sort of form cristiano ronaldo is in for man utd. An before man utd fans come on here saying that wont happen remember ronaldo has bin in the prem for 3-4 seasons now. I know rosicky is older but i really would love to seem him play like that. I can still remember the goal he scored against stutgart that was amazing if he can do that on a more regular basis he will be an arsenal legend id love to see that specially as him an rvp my fav 2 players. What do you guys (arsenal fans) think bout him? do you think hes starting to perform to his potential and do you think he could be one of our main players next season? also on the subject of goal scorers today so pleased to see fab score anyone see his celebration? shows how much it means to him glad he got one finally.

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    • I can't quite agree with this post. Whilst Rocinsky is a very good player who will improve, Ronaldo is probably (certainly at the moment) the best player attacking player in the world, I know which one I'd prefer in my team.
      That is no slur on Rocinsky, he's bloody good, but he's not that good and he's very unlikely to get that good.

    • Rosicky is quality, much better than Hleb who has done nothing for us. The why he nicked in for the first goal on Saturday was exactly what we've been missing, he was shooting, hustling, had a great game.

      He will get better and better and if he stays fit will get 15 goals next year.

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      • yeah sorry my bad with the stuggart thing, an yh continuing about rosicky i also like his work ethic have you guys noticed the amount of ground he covers and how he trys to help the team. Some of you may not have noticed but part of Rosicky's game no one seems to mention is his tackling im not saying hes the best in the world at it but ive seen him put some great tackles in this season which no one seems to talk about.

    • Rosicky is a top class player and given the chance we will see it.
      In his position he's one of the best in Europe.
      The goal was v Hamburg not Stutgart by the way! It was nearly the same as the one he scored at the World Cup for the Czech Republic.
      It amazing the power he has in his shot when you look at him! I mean he looks nearly babylike! A ugly version of that Owen guy in Take Shat!

    • I like him. He played well today, he brings energy and movement and at least he wasn't scared to have a couple of shots frm outside the box.

      He has had a couple of very average performances in other games this season but when he is on form his is an asset to the team.

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      • Yes, Rosicky played very well today so did Fabregas. Glad to see them scored today!!! Still a bit disappointed by Ade, he should have scored when he's thru. Has he ever practice shooting???
        I personally like to see more shots from Toure, those shots he made today sure stung Jaskalainen's hands. Must play him as a CM some times.
        Last 20mins was a disappointment thou!!! We hardly kept the pace of early 2nd half. Wat the hell the beast tried to do to snatch Diabt's ball when he's thru??? This confusion caused us a goal (Diaby should have done better thou)!! The beast must go!!! Bring Klose in if it's true he costs only aroung 5m!!!