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  • vlad vlad May 12, 2007 00:44 Flag

    Who would you like to replace Wenger?

    Hey goonies,

    If Wenger goes,who would you like to come in?

    Also,purely hypothetically,how would you feel if Mourinho took over? (no throwing bricks please :)

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    • I think it's a fair question mate, and I'm sorry you've got a bit of flak for being brave enough to ask it.

      I did the same on FansFC and got some flak as well.

      My answer is Gus Hiddink - to me the world's most versatille manager and a real talent spotter, like Wenger, but with more ideas.

      As for the Mourinho bit - that was taking the piss. But he could manage water into wine and in his few seasons here, he has changed the way the game is played, but how much more quiet would the Emirates be if we played like Chelski?

    • I happen to agree with Cosbaba. The buck has to stop with the Manager because:

      If the players are at fault, who picks tehse players? The Manager.

      If the players aren't giving 100% whose job is it to motivate these players? The Manager.

      If a player clearly isn't good enough or working hard enough, the Manager can choose to get rid of him, or put him in the reserves to buck his ideas up.

      In terms of Eriksson and England, yes the players are spoilt brats who believed their own hype. But, why after 4 years could Eriksson still not get them to fall into line and work as a team? If Lampard and co were performing, drop them for a couple of matches to teach them a lesson. But he never did.

      Players are held accountable on the pitch by fans, i.e. when they are jeered for a poor performance. At the end of the day, the Manager has to be held accountable for consistently poor performances because he's failing to make some much needed changes, either to the personnel, tactics, or training methods.

    • No, I will want Wenger to stay for life.
      he is doing a great job there with the limited budget he has.

      I think if that kind of budget were to be given to someone else, we might be in the bottom half of the table already or we might be unlucky enough to be relegated.

    • Cosbaba is obsessed by his dislike for Wenger which is accentuated by the fact that he is very anti-foreigners. What is so sad, is that the guy is of foreign origin. He is so blinded by Wenger he couldn't debate anything objectively and never attempt to understand anything that is not anti Wenger

    • Cosbaba once again you try to talk down to someone without fully understanding what has been said. Even your own statement makes little sense logically.

      "If it is 50/50 blame on what happens to a team, then the buck still stops with the manager"

      If it's 50/50 then both are to blame one cannot be more to blame than the other.

      I never said Wenger is beyond criticism, I said that the blame doesn't fully rest on the managers shoulders.

      You are pretty much anti Wenger cosbaba so I take most of what you say with a pinch of salt, in fact you've even come out and stated your're anti foreign managers which in this day and age is ridiculous.

      What I was saying wasn't just aimed at Wenger it was aimed at managers in general. Hence the use of Sven in my example.

      In my opinion you can't ever fully lay all of the blame at the managers feet, the players need to do their part too.

      I think if a team is relegated the players shouldn't be allowed to jump ship like rats (i.e West Ham and the exodus of players when they went down) I think the players should have to stay at the club for at least half a season longer. Why should only the manager be punished with dismissal, when the players can just leave and go to another club (i.e. Lampard and Joe Cole) when they were just as much at fault for the team going down as was the manager.

    • only in football could debate turn in to this.can anyone tell me if cricket forums are so heated?

    • only in football could debate turn in to this.can anyone tell me if cricket forums are so heated?

    • only in football could debate turn in to this.can anyone tell me if cricket forums are so heated?

    • only in football could debate turn in to this.can anyone tell me if cricket forums are so heated?

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