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  • Will Almunia play the FA Cup games and Fabianski play in the Carling Cup games? Will the new keeper get any Premiership games in the new season?

    I'm wondering this because I can't remember Poom starting any games for us. Maybe he did but I honestly can't recall any. Surely we can't bring this guy into the squad and not give him a decent number of games to prove himself.

    I think Poom was just brought into the squad for injury cover in case Lehmann and Almunia both got injured at the same time.

    Surely we wouldn't be doing the same to this newcomer?

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    • You make a sound point and we can only hope this kid can cut it. Fabianski signing does support the idea that Wenger isn't thinking of quitting. Why else would he have set next season up by organising the keepers like this? I hope I'm right and Wenger does stay, AND that Fab is Fab!

    • Agree about Seaman, but I don't think Lehmann was ever quite right. I've never really been happy with him - makes great saves, then does something stupid.

      Sorry to keep harping on about Cech (he's the benchmark IMO), but he's only about 24 isn't he? It would be nice to think Fabianski can be even half as good as him. I hope he's quite vocal, as (another...) of Lehmann's shortcomings is his lack of organisation at set-pieces. Ok, so that's probably the training team's fault, but the keeper has to be responsible for his box.

    • Quality goalkeepers who rarely make wierd mistakes seem to be few and far between.
      I think the problem with arsenal is that we were used to Safe Hands for so long, and he really was, in my opinion, the best and most consistant keeper over a long period of time, of his generation, with the exception perhaps, of a certain Dane who played for the scum.
      I think Lehmann has done brilliantly in following on from Seaman. Granted, his first season was a bit rocky and I did slam him a bit at the time, but now I've come to accept that he is a world class stopper. Ok, he isn't Petr Cech, but then maybe Fabianski could be better? Its hard to say because Fabianski is I think, 22, and most people say goalkeepers don't hit their peak until late 20s or even 30 so who knows what is in store...

    • I found this video on youtube about him https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WEIdZORCJ9c, he looks good, i think if he can play like this for arsenal then he could be our new number 1.

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      • After looking on youtube, which is all pretty much all of us have to go on, he looks like he has height, and he can get down quickly. He looks big, yet agile and although I agree anyone can be glorified and made to look good on youtube, I'm choosing to be optimistic about this guy. There's so much dark and unpleasant stuff being discussed about Arsenals future at the moment that I want to think this guy is something to look forward to. For all intent and purposes, he looks GOOD.

    • Fair enough, I don't rate Alminua that highly, but Lehmann cost us dearly last season. In pretty much every game I went to (almost all of them), he made at least one massive mistake... in some games more. Dropping a cross, letting an easy goal in, kicking the ball straight to their striker etc.

      Agree that Fabianski should be #1 by next season. But, if he turns out to be rubbish, we'll need to sign someone urgently at Xmas

    • good enough to get him bought to a strong team like arsenal

    • Okay. I agree with the editing thing, and how tough is the Polish league? Is it as hard as The Championship? League 1? League 2? Doctor Martens league? Or sunday league?

    • I don't want to start a big row but I really disagree with the opinion of Almunia being a better keeper. Perhaps he's better at keeping his cool - his face looks stoned half the time, but thats beside the point - but he doesn't have half the experience, most notably on the international stage, and the fact that Lehmann has kept him out of net consistantly for the duration is further proof.
      I don't want to slam Almunia and say he's completely hopeless- thats rubbish, but I believe that in time Fabianski will leapfrog him and take the #1 jersey when Lehmann leaves which I will predict to be one year from now. That is why Fabianski has been bought at this point in time, to learn from Lehmann and to settle down in the team instead of being thrown in at the deap end. He already has some international experience and has been voted the best keeper in his league, granted its Poland but I still believe it is worth something. He is fairly young for a keeper, I'll accept, but it seems more than likely to me that he'll be the next first team stopper

    • YEah, he has cost us a lot of points, probably also one of the more culpable players when we went out of the CL too.

      But, don't think you can go too much on Youtube. Anyone can be edited to look good.

      Julio Baptista - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_0w_kJTPPY
      Alexandr Hleb - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gVrSoxFGU64

    • Unsettled? I've watched Fabianski on Youtube. Lehmann will be the one who's unsettled next season. He'll end up fighting with himself in the mirror, cos he's been left in the dressing room on his own. About time too. He's cost Arsenal a lot of points this season.

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