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  • I don't want to start a big row but I really disagree with the opinion of Almunia being a better keeper. Perhaps he's better at keeping his cool - his face looks stoned half the time, but thats beside the point - but he doesn't have half the experience, most notably on the international stage, and the fact that Lehmann has kept him out of net consistantly for the duration is further proof.
    I don't want to slam Almunia and say he's completely hopeless- thats rubbish, but I believe that in time Fabianski will leapfrog him and take the #1 jersey when Lehmann leaves which I will predict to be one year from now. That is why Fabianski has been bought at this point in time, to learn from Lehmann and to settle down in the team instead of being thrown in at the deap end. He already has some international experience and has been voted the best keeper in his league, granted its Poland but I still believe it is worth something. He is fairly young for a keeper, I'll accept, but it seems more than likely to me that he'll be the next first team stopper