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  • john john May 28, 2007 23:19 Flag

    will theo show true talent next season ?

    i think theo will show just how good he really is, he was playing really well untill he picked up shoulder injury,and still scored great goal against chelsea
    also he is comeing back for pre-season 2 weeks early along with TH and van persie who wouldnt improve training with just them two (just think the skill on show for an 18 year old to watch and learn from)

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    • you say remember theo's age, although i am willing to wait for him to prove his quality i am sure other english greats proved themselfs at 18 years old think:-
      im sure there is more

    • i'd like to see walcott and agbonlahor operating on the flanks those to would be a mouth watering prospect if they played in the same team it would bode well for the future of the england team.

    • The trouble is we still need to remember Theo's age. Cesc was an exception to the rule in that he fitted into the first team really quickly. It helped that there was a space for him at the time. Theo is more like the majority. Remember Bentner is also several years older than him, so we need to be patient with him. It could happen this year, but I would recon it will take a little longer. But, lets be optimistic shall we?

    • You should sign someone young, theres a really good 4 year old playing in France at the moment, AND whats better is he's west African. Wenger will be licking his voyeur lips!

    • I'm sure Ribery would like to come to Arsenal, but AW has never stated that he intends to try and sign him. I have never seen him as a realistic target, not talking financially, but as being a sound investment to the team, something Wenger is fond of trying to maintain. I wish people would stop talking about him joining because no one at arsenal has ever said anything, it was all Ribery trying to get attention. No doubt if we do get a winger, it'll be someone we've never heard of

    • Apparentley Ribery has let it be known that Arsenal is his preferred destination as TH is one of his best friends and thinks AW will turn him into the great footballer he believes he can be. Personally I'd welcome him if only to strenghthen the squad.

      I think Theo's going to be an outstanding player as long as AW stays a few more years. If he left I think it could have a detrimental effect on young players like Theo.

    • he's an attacking midfielder who plays well on the right, but can play in the centre as well. He started on the right at Rennes and was their wonderkid for a season or 2 from what I gather, although I saw no footage, and earned a transfer to Milan where I think he has played in the centre too.

    • yohan gourcuff dont know anything about him, what position does he play?

    • Ribery is not consistant at all, and he's a pain in the ass off the field. Over-rated perhaps. Walcott has a future down the middle, as Wenger has said himself this year. He can play as an out and out striker but for now I think he can play well on the wings. That great assist he got playing against I've forgotten who, when he ran half the pitch and gave baptista a perfect cross, after coming on as a sub was from him playing on the wing. He can play as a winger and you mustn't write him off in that position for the moment. Even if he does have a future as an out-and-out striker, there are a couple of names in the way for the moment and if he wants first team football then perhaps he should make do.Adaptability is a great trait to have as a footballer.
      Malouda would be a decent signing perhaps. He would be a consistant performer but I can't see him adding any magic to the team. Nani would be a great signing but the likelyhood of us getting him with Man Utd and Spurs already announcing they're hunting him down seems a bit slim to me. The only player no one has mentioned that I think would be class for us is Yohan Gourcuff of Milan, formerly of Rennes. He would be worth the investment in my opinion.

    • I still mantain that I've not seen Ribery play well, consistently. I'd rather take a punt on one of the more "tricky" wingers, someone like Quaresma or Nani.

      Walcott isn't a winger anyway. He was only stuck on the wing because he's quick and Rosicky and Ljungberg were injured. His best performances this season were in the Carling Cup final (as a striker) and for England U21 vs Germany (as a striker).

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