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  • john john May 29, 2007 03:10 Flag

    is there a english player good enough?

    As an arsenal and england fan i would love to see more english players in our starting 11, the problem is we cant afford to buy or tempt english talent from the top five teams in prem. This leaves me wondering which english players could actually improve us maybe:-

    richerds could challenge eboue
    barnes would push hleb
    nolan maybe
    downing ?

    your thoughts please?

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    • so do you agree Mr Wenger should after two years of watching curtis davies finally snap him up?

    • AGREED (Kolo).....i would love walcott to fulfil all his potential.

      Everyone on this forum know my views on Mr Senderos....i just don't think he's top quality.I would LOVE for him to prove me wrong,alas i fear he won't.Curtis Davies looks to me as if he has all the raw materials to be a top class defender.....he also has premiership experience also.

    • Or watch them to see what it looks like to spend 20 years (and counting) in our shadow?

    • yes nicky i would love it if we took a chance on giles Barnes.
      so walcott fee is £5million rissing to £12million, all i can say to that is hope we end up paying the full £12million

      signing davies i think can only make us stronger, although i do think djourou is real top class not so sure about senderos

    • want to watch your neighbours foe English talent.

    • richards and/or davies or Barnes could be alright at the back. I agree though on too many young players. senderos has been pants on the whole this year and, i know it was cashley, but when he left, cole was talking about how some young gunners were full of it and made it really obvious Senderos was the main person he was talking about. So look now - all talk and no performances.
      There were rumours of Djourou going on loan. Don't know how solid they were.
      I agree with whoever said downing isn't good enough. he isn't.
      Arsenal have a good first team. We need one or 2 more really special players perhaps? Esp in midfield

    • So kolo,you think that we should take a punt on Giles Barnes?......fair enough.
      Personally,i don't think arsene would take a risk on TWO young unproven players for that amount of money.
      By the way the fee for walcott was £5million,rising incrementally to a possible £12 million depending on appearances,england caps,winning trophies etc

      Yes we could sign davies as back up for toure and gallas,although i'm not sure where this leaves djourou and senderos.
      I think in premiership season you need 4 quality centre halves and four quality strikers in order to cover all eventualities.

    • walcott had about 10 good games for southamton when wenger had seen enough to spend 12 million on him, if giles barnes has had 20 good games then he should be less of a risk, plus if we wait to see if he provs himself in prem we wont be able to afford him.

      i agree with curtis davies even if only for cover for toure and gallas got to be saffer option than senderos.

    • Aside from some of the players at the top five clubs,i can't think of too many English/british players who are better than the players we have now....woodgate,perhaps.

      Giles Barnes?....he's had about 20 or so good games for Derby,lets see how he goes in the premiership this season first.

      Reo-coker,for £8 million?.....that's a joke, surely.Is he better than denilson,diaby or cesc?.....

      I do like the look of curtis davies of West brom,he strong,quick,reads the game quite well,he's had premiership experience.However,i think the asking price for him might be too much.

      Personally,i don't think that there will be a lot of incoming transfers this close season....maybe two maximum.

    • I wouldn't mind Woodgate in the squad, but I'm not sure about him replacing Gallas. I guess he is probably better in the air than Gallas though.

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