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  • I recon it must've been bullish Peter Hill-Wood if what you say is true. He needs to go. He isn't fit to be chairman - he always makes himself look like a twat in public. He is always quoted in saying the worst thing possible like 'we don't want his sort'.

    It would be hard to fill AWs shoes and Houllier is not the man to do it in my opinion. There are worse options, such as Sven, and sure, Houllier he won the league in france, but thats FRANCE. Their league is poor in comparison and a league winning team was already in place at Lyon before he arrived. He didn't do that much. I wouldn't mind him as DoF, but not as manager.
    However we must remember the 'beautiful football' arsenal play is Arsene Wenger's style, not Arsenal's. Need you reminding of the days of George Graham? Boring Arsenal? I don't want to return to that either but every manager plays his own game.
    I don't understand what would be the reason for him leaving. He always said that once he didnt feel he could hack it anymore that he would leave. I don't know how he will feel now without Dein. The trouble with AW is he always keeps his cards so close to his chest. If he wants to please fans, he will come out and say 'I'm in this for the long haul', but he isn't which is causing people concern, and he knows it. He knows everyone is looking to him to take Arsenal forward and he must know he is unsettling fans.

    However, I think the idea that there will be a mass exodus of players if AW leaves is just scaremongering. You can't expect for nobody to leave, but I'm sure Arsenal does have life after AW. He is a great manager and has been instrumental in achieving wonders for this club, but one day he will eventually move on and Arsenal will still be a top team.

    Would like to know your source for this info

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    • A lot of ifs and buts, I really hope this is not true.
      Maybe AW is trying to scare a few people to get what he wamts but I really do worry about THs future with us.
      My source - I occasionally drink with a radio sports journalist . He has no specific source within AFC but is in a lot of loops and aware of stories doing the rounds. He has been wrong before but the vast amount of time gets it right. He would see himself as several cuts above a tabloid journalist in terms of integrity and quality of info, although essentially, he is a journalist.
      It is no secret there are power struggles going on, what nobody really knows is the affect it will have on Wenger and players. This guys info is just an angle on this. Hopefully all will resolve itself but AW sounds right royally pissed off over the DD situation. GH coming in as DOF may just calm him down.

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      • Absolutely, lots of ifs and buts.
        I must admit, I'm worried about the future but I wouldn't be if I knew AWs position on things. If he comes out and says 'I'm not going to extend my contract and I'll leave' then at least we know a solid fact and the fans can prepare for life post-wenger.
        Tbh, I think life after AW would be brighter if Dein was here because I don't trust the current board remotely to get a decent replacement. Pat Rice is not good enough, Houllier, no, Tony Adams, not yet. I'd like to think a certain Reading manager would be ready in a couple of years time. He's certainly proved himself.
        As for TH14, yes he's our main man now, but we still have RVP, and Bentner and Walcott look promising. To some that might seem stupid, but add a couple of well chosen, more experienced signings to that and we still have a credible strike force.