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  • Swerve Swerve Jun 6, 2007 18:54 Flag

    Takeover imminent?

    Do you not find it strange that nothing - absolutely nothing- is coming out of the Emirates at the moment?

    Players Wenger wanted going elsewhere with no fuss

    English players saying they want to play for us who we have seemingly been interested in, and nothing.

    Not a word out of Wenger and Hill-Wood, even though a meeting with Stan Kroenke was imminent, an also not a peep out of him or David Dein since he left.

    Watch this space, I reckon something BIG is going on behind the scenes.

    The ideal scenario is for Dein to return, Stan to take the reigns and Wenger to be given some cash with real quality targets having been earmarked, discussed and budgeted.

    Then being quiet could mean a few surprise swoops to keep the likes of Chelsea off the scent.

    Something is going on.....


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    • He may not choose to leave before the end of his contract but there may be at least one idiot on the board who would push him this summer if convinced he would not renew it. A board member was concerned at the power DD, TH and AW had over the club and broke up this axis, losing DD in the process.
      Even if this happened, I could see a fans backlash, Stan coming in and eventually things would improve, I think whatever happens, our future is bright.
      Not sure a takeover is on for the moment though.

    • From what I understand, Wenger is on holiday in Sardinia. He's due back in about a fortnight, and will have a meeting with the board then, and hopefully appoint a DoF. Don't expect too much to happen before then.

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      • Meanwhile, I'm afraid the negative vibes abound:

        "Premiership - Midfielder Cecs Fabregas has expressed doubts over his future with Arsenal, claiming that if manager Arsene Wenger leaves the club, he will follow."

        Taken from the Yahoo football sports page today.

        I think Cesc's comments reflect the thoughts of quite a few of the Arsenal squad, so it makes sense for the board to talk with AW sooner rather than later and establish some sort of stability within the club.

      • ...wonder if the board have already tried getting arsene back from his hols early to start sorting things out and he is making them sweat a little to get them back for the business with Dein.

    • was just thinkin along the same lines swerve.

      with players publicly making statements like the one fabregas has made, will the board now be trying to get dein reinstated to keep wenger on?

      If dein returns and kroenke buys surely everything changes, I'm sure the arsenal board are aware of newcastles apparent attempts to take dein to St James' too.

      I think 'watch this space' is definitely true...if no spending goes on through the summer and nothing is done to address this situation where most of the players will be planning to follow Wenger out the door at the end of next season, then that is practically suicide on the boards part and they will be risking a revolt from the fans.
      hope they realise that this is not just a short term thing, and that losing wenger doesn't mean losing the team providing wenger leaves in the right way & not the way it appears to be heading...lets hope that, as is often the case, all is not as it would seem.

    • i hope your right,if kroenke takes over and reinstates DD as chairman then that should keep wenger happy whitch in turn should keep henry and fabregas happy.