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  • No that hes up for sale (Torres) I think there could be a swap on the cards.

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    • Not in the case of torres. He's atletico through and through. His contract is less than a year old and the only reason he signed it was to make sure he left them in a healthy financial state if he ever had to leave

    • I also read the same in Marca but, and I say this with no actual example that I can think of, do clubs really get fees like that very often and expecially when the club and player have agreed to part?

      I think that a buyout clause is there in case the player wants to leave but the club don't want to let go.

      In this case it seems that the situation is now very different.

    • I wouldn't touch you with a barge pole luv.

      I wasn't the one who started talking to people like mine was the only opinion that mattered and everyone else was an idiot.

      I don't know anything for sure but I've sure gotta wonder if it's the time of your month.

      I'm rude for asking why you use so many exclamation marks. Damn get a life.

      You started the name calling just because I asked the above simple question. Look at yourself before calling other people rude.

      Well the button will be clicked so you don't have to worry about me and I wont worry about you.

      Simple really isn't it.

      I'm sure you'll get one more dig in though.

      Strange you remind me of a masculine Rooonaldo.

    • Sorry. I hadn't read it. But according to revista de la liga on sky sports, which is usually pretty reliable, torres has got a 40 million euro buy out clause and villa's is 60 million

    • Well, I hope that was cathartic for you Pijin!

      Strangely, I find myself thrilled at the thought of being on your ignore list as you are nothing short of rude. I need a *@%# do I?

      And who, pray tell, do you think that you are talking to?

      Moreover, who, exactly, is going to *@%# me? You?

      Don't make me laugh!!!

    • F*cking 'ell someone got out of bed on the wrong side.

      There was no debate you wound up brat. I just asked a question.

      Yes, by the way I do question the Yahoo sports pages when you see a company like Reuters making stupid mistakes then you have to question the others too.

      Excuse me mrs perfect but you need a *@%#. Remember I didn't start the name calling I just wondered why you used so many exclamation marks and you got all b*tchy about it.

      I guess you don't like it if people question you, so I'll just add you to the ignore list.

    • Pijin, you were being petty and yes, you are right, I did ignore the rest of your post...

      But tell me, what exactly were you expecting me to respond to in the rest of your post? You stated what you claim are facts, I do not understand or see any actual facts to support the statements and I don't really care either.

      You sink to debating punctuation and then expect me to engage in conversation?

      By the way, almost ALL of the news on Yahoo! is written by other wire and press services. Are you claiming that ALL of the reports on Yahoo! are rubbish regardless of the contributing agency?

      Oh, and just ask a question as you so innocently claim to have done...

      Why do you choose to leave the exclamation off of the end of Yahoo!


    • I wasn't being petty, I just always wonder why people do this!!!!!! when this is enough!

      Doesn't bother me I just wondered is all.

      That part of my post was pretty insignificant but you seized on it and ignored the rest...

    • "Whats with hitting the question mark and exclamation mark so many times? You understand that just once or twice is enough."

      Pijin, are you seriously going to try and question my use of grammar and punctuation now?!??!



      Must be REALLY annoying you now, huh?!

      Why do you always have to resort to being a petulant child when you should just concentrate on the discussion - They are called DISCUSSION BOARDS for a reason!(?!!?!?!!)

      And if you really want to start a grammar and punctuation policing system here on the boards, I suggest that you look to yourself first.

      Glasshouses and all that, eh?(!??!!?!)

    • Also posted pretty much at the exact same time. Tasha did you even look at the times they were posted?

      Pretty easy to repeat you exactly when we both quoted from the same source.

      Whats with hitting the question mark and exclamation mark so many times? You understand that just once or twice is enough.

      By the way Yahoo does NOT have the most factual footballing reports. They get players teams wrong, loan teams, prices of players, goals/assists wrong.

      They aren't the most reliable.

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