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  • I'd never say no to someone like Torres in principle. AW will only buy him if he fits in with the system though. I don't know that we need him if AW's hopefulls all come through, then our front line will be TH14, RVP, Ade, Bentner, Theo and if we get Babel, he's a winger but we all know how AW can change players positions, examples include TH14 (was playing on the wing at Juve), Djourou, Toure, Hleb, Cashely (used to be a striker) so perhaps even he could be used. Looking at that, its a bit crowded already, even if Ade is out for the African Nations.

    I think even 15mil is a bit much, but if it involves less and a swap to finally rid us of whingy whingy Reyes then I'll go along with it. So the guy has been underperforming, well maybe he's just in need of a new challenge and a transfer would kick him up the ass?