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    Will everyone stop being doom merchants?

    Why is everyone getting so upset by tabloid speculation? I struggle to remember a close season where Arsenal have'nt been in 'crisis'.

    We have yet to make any big money signings. Think back to past seasons, Arsenal always keep the big cash signings secret until the deal is done. So we won't hear anything until the player has signed. I am actually struggling to remember the last player we signed for big bucks who could be considered to be topclass and playing at the top of their game.

    Bergkamp? Had been struggling in Italy before we got him.

    Henry? Ditto

    Overmars? Was coming back from a serious knee injury, we took a gamble and it paid off.

    Wiltord? Not sure I consider him to be top class, but we did pay good money for him. Would'nt have him down as being a big success at Arsenal either.

    Campbell? At the top of the game when he signed but we got him on a free, Wenger would'nt have paid full whack for him on the open market.

    The point is we are a club that don't generally spend big on star names, we have never bought the equivalent say of a Rooney, or Ferdinand, or Veron (thank god lol), or a Shevchenko.

    Has this stopped us competing over the past 10 seasons? Nope.

    If Henry goes don't expect a star name replacement, other big names have left, Anelka, Overmars, Petit, Vieira etc. Did that stop us competing? Nope.

    Don't panic, stop worrying, our success of the past 10 seasons was not created by spending massive amounts of money on star players. So why start now?

    Indeed when Wenger has appeared to panic buy he has been at his worst, Jeffers, Richard Wright, Wiltord etc. I for one would rather see an unknown possible Vieira coming in than a potential big money flop.

    So c'mon people try and cheer up a bit, its not all doom and gloom.

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    • Sky sports is not the bible as far as accurate reports are concerned.They deal in tittle-tattle like everyone else.Infact,being a 24hour sports news channel,they have to fill the schedule with news and gossip.

    • Some people are simply happier in gloomy situations and no amount of facts you state will cheer them up.

      Someone even stated henry was played out of position at Juve knowing there is no truth in that. he was a winger and was played as one. Wenger changed that turning him into a world brand in the process

    • People have to be patient. I wouldn't say Arsenal have never had big name signings. Henry was already highly regarded when we signed him, dispite a rough time in italy where he was played out of position, and Big Den was already a world star when we bought him too so I disagree, we have had star reinforcements before.

      I don't think people are being 'Doom Merchants' (besides if you are a merchant, that usually mean's you're selling something and Doom was one of the crappest movies of all time so who would sell that!?)

      It is true that Arsenal have their amateur dramatic society fill in for 'entertainment' during the off season, filling many with dread, but this year we're still waiting for the appointment of a director of football. I expect AW to announce whoever this person is in the next few weeks as the squad return to prepare for next season. THEN if the big signings are coming, (whether it will be for big money remains to be seen)we should expect them then.

      It is far too early to panic now. The season hasn't been over a month yet, we still have over 2 months to go before we start back properly next term so there is plenty of time for things to be straightened out.

    • Well, it's hard not to isn't it?...Ok lets all kid ourselves that Arsenal arn't on the brink of callapse. And the gunners are going to win something this season. Hmm, don't think so somehow.