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  • A Yahoo! User Jun 18, 2007 00:57 Flag

    Will everyone stop being doom merchants?

    Of course he'll have replacements lined up but if he can't get them then I doubt TH14 will leave. I can see this all blowing over in a few weeks when Titi is back. We all know how hard it was for the team to recover from Vieira moving and that wasn't too long ago, so for it to be allowed to happen again without a safety net would be careless and not AW's style.

    Eto'o is not an arsenal style player in my opinion. People seem to think that just because star players praise AW they would be wonderful signings and it is great to see the manager doesn't think that. Ribery and Eto'o both would 'love' to work with him but they would never be good gunners in my book. Besides it has been well documented in the last year that Eto'o has been a bit of a gobby trouble maker in Barcelona, so why would he do different here? We've had our share of those types of players: Cashley, Anelka! I for one don't want him. Give us the goofy brazilian and I'll think about a swap. In my dreams...

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