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    Let's bring this poodle back !!!

    Let's bring this poodle back, play him in our reserves team and /or Carling Cup games whether he likes it or not for the remaining years left uncompleted on his contract to send a very strong message (Don't mess around with AFC in future) to others like him. If you are fool enough to sign a contract you also have an obligation to fulfill that contract.

    Prior to Wenger sanctioning Reyes loan move to the Bernabeu, I remember vividly how Arsene Wenger summarised Reyes' predicament perfectly in an interview with Sky Sports News when asked about Reyes' request for transfer to Real Madrid, see AW's reply in quotes below:

    “It’s like you wanting to marry Miss World and she doesn’t want you. I can try to help you but if she does not want to marry you what can I do?"- Arsene Wenger on the transfer of Jose Reyes to Real Madrid.

    Wenger has been proven to be spot-on about Miss World Not Wanting Jose Antonio Reyes afterall, Reyes has had his courtship period with Miss World and he has failed miserably to impress her.

    It is clear that Reyes is still living in coo coo land following his latest interview; still insisting on a permanent move against all odds to the Bernabeu and also saying "he has no intention of returning to North London". Sadly, Reyes hasn't a cat in hell's chance of it happening even in this era of crazy big money transfers.

    It is a known fact that most of us would like to play as professionals for our beloved / boyhood supported teams barring tough entry standard required, but very few would actually manage to achieve that feat. Reyes' inability to find himself his favoured club, and failure by the player to do a simple reality check on why he was used sparingly as a Sub player during his just concluded loan spell at Madrid. As Reyes' current employer, it's about time that we enforce our legal rights on the player and bring Reyes back to earth by telling him to report for our pre-season training when the other AFC players are back for the start of our 2007/08 season. As a lesson to others, AFC would be better off writing it off as exceptional bad debts than sell cheaply, keeping Reyes (even if he's just going to sit on his butts and do nothing) AFC should be prepared to let him rot if that's what he wants and waste those talents). Alternatively, if Reyes is not ready to work hard for the club then Reyes is entitled to buy back his contract by repaying us all the invested amount in him. It is not AFC fault that Reyes has so far failed to find a suitor willing to take him on our terms. In addition, AFC are not willing to lose a big chunk of our invested money just because a player feels that he's unsettled in the country.

    It's unbelievable that an European player like Reyes can use a flimsy excuse such as the cold weather to avoid fulfilling a contract, what would an African, Asian, or South American players do? Playing Reyes in the reserves / Carling Cup competition would enable us to blood him until he's toughen up, ready to fight for the team and also help the poor boy back to his senses. YOUR OPINION???

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    • Is Reyes the answer to our goal drought and should Wenger makes more effort to bring him back in view of Henry's exit?

    • good post.
      from what i understand the players registration is with us and he is a Arsenal player, and to date there are no bidders for this player, athletico madrid did give some feelers but after reyes scored for RM and winning the laliga he wont be welcomed much there. so wenger in my opinion is just geting on with it, and he has to return for pre season on the 1st july, thats it really. and the agent of reyes has said that even if someone comes for reyes its still upto Arsenal to sell him, he said that reyes can say yes to anyone but Arsenal has the last say because they own him.
      it will be interesting to see what happens at colney, especially when you have a player like freddie who would give his right arm for a contract like reyes's, and reyes complaining about the rain in london.amazing.

    • inyah_face, As much as I agree with your detained analysis, if Reyes is forced to come back to North London and play for the team (which I'm pretty sure the club is legally entitled to), what would then happen to Henry should he demand a move to Barca as rumoured?

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      • Every player has his price and it is the player's current employer that get to set that price, subject of course to agreed reasonable bargaining by the buying club.

        Henry's situation is different. In Henry's case there are very serious potential clubs that are ready to match our valuation should TH decided to leave the club. TH hasn't made up his mind yet hence his vague comment "I'm an Arsenal player for now" and would be allowed to leave when that time arrives. No player is indispensable and bigger than the club however great that player is, TH included.

        Don't get me wrong, we are not forcing any of our players to stay against their will. What we are demanding is fair transfer fee for our players. We've been offered ridiculously low sums for Reyes so far, which doesn't come any close to our valuation of the player. When we receive reasonable offer for Reyes, we would let him go in a flash.

    • i entirely agree with your assesment of this want-away syndrom that has been affecting AFC since the arrival of AW year in year out
      i just hope that AW is reading this and makes an example of him
      do u remember the row between charlie nicholas and george
      those were days when players knew their place
      good post

    • look gooner, he came to england, didn't like it and wanted out. He's not the first and certainly won't be the last: eg Crespo.

      Also he won RM their title. He just wasn't cut to play in this country and I would suggest you gooners focus your energies in finding another talent and join forces with the mighty Liverpool to destroy the chavs and the mancs. If we can stop the mancs from winning anything for two seasons, it's game over for them lock stock and barrel.

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      • drunken_sailor_20...

        To his credits, Crespo never complained about the weather, Chavski decided to send him back to Italy for "tactical reasons". Hence Crespo wasn't at fault at all.

        FYI, we did stopped Man U twice last season home and away. We will repeat the same in 2007/08. Our main problem last season is labouring unnecessarily against inferior teams in the lower-tier of the league. The boys will handle it well this term I'm sure. I think Liverpool need to accumulate more points against the top teams this season to make the EPL interesting and also try harder to give us a little bit more flair, and less "sh^t hanging from a stick", IMO.