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    Apparently TH14 is worth less than Carrick

    If Henry has gone for 16 mil, thats less than Man Utd paid for Carrick and less than Charlton want for Darren Bent. The irony! Is it just me or does it smack of Arsenal being shit and negotiating deals?

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    • You've got to remember that TH is 30 years old now, so can't have many years left as a striker with lightening pace.

      Also, look at the injuries he had last season. Apparently they are all related to his sciatic nerve problem; I gather such a problem can affect various muscle groups.

      Make no mistake, Barcelona are taking a bit of a gamble in signing TH, so realistically I think £16 million is a reasonable price.

      At the end of the day it's market forces - you can only get what other clubs are willing to pay.

      TH's heart hasn't been in it over the last two seasons IMO and his attitude somewhat petulant. The time was right for him to move on and the club should now ensure that they buy an adequate replacement and secure the services of AW with a new contract as well.

    • i did agree with you when your thread came out but from reports from sky henry is not a fit man he will be struggling to reach pre-season with barca which starts on the 20july, so lets just say wenger might have done the best deal of his manager life at arsenal.

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      • No way sunshine. Just because Henry won't be ready for the start of the season, that doesn't justify knocking 5 mil or so off his price.

        Besides, the best deal of Wengers career? Not a chance - look at how much he got for Anelka £21million was it? he was bought for something stupid like 500k. And Overmars and Petit double deal? They were good deals, we may have lost star players but non of them did anything of great importance afterwards

    • seriously boy, i know the same as everyone else, im not shooting my mouth off, it is the trut, just do your own research. to go back to the point, there is no one else to do the deals except Wenger. dein did it before and the rest of the board is incapable. wenger said he would take on the role until a DoF is appointed. U want a source, look on the arsenal website and bbc.
      im not being funny mate, u just dont like being challenged. this seriously is common knowledge. i dont claim to know all,I'm an arsenal fan who follows the news. thats it
      just drop it, im not looking for victory, who cares about victory, im not like roonaldo. I'm just trying to participate in the debate

    • unfortunetly for u rob, u have no life and sit at this chat room day and night. i actually have stuff to do and don't need to back up stuff to u that everyone else on here already knows. get a job u sad, sad man. working the ice cream van would get u a look at the little kiddies u like so much

    • look for your own sources u lazy bastard. im not talking bollucks I'm talking what we all know. I don't think I know all, I know what is reported and I have my own points of view. Wenger being the man making the deal isn't point of view. its fact. You're the one talking unsubstantiated bullshit.


      get back in your pram

    • dont give me your 'peace' bollucks because we all know it isn't sincere.
      You don't need inside knowledge, you just need to read the news articles to find out that Wenger did the deal. David Dein did the deals, now Wenger does until a new DoF is appointed. He's said it himself on the arsenal website.

      Carrick will be playing longer than Henry? Wow, how did you work that one out? By looking at the age difference? Well done Rob, nice work

    • Hi Lynden, thanks.

      I bet you wouldn't see Fergie letting a player like Henry go for £16 million that's for sure.

      I love Arsene Wenger, but at times he just does things that seem to make no sense. In the early days you knew he would have a reason and be patient, but these days you can't be sure.

      That doubt has been creeping in over time.

      Let's not forget he has a degree in Economics.

      One possibility may be that he feels that if Arsenal charge those fees he will be sanctioning what he thinks is a crazy transfer market anyway.

      Who knows, it just doesn't do us any favours in the long run is all I know.


    • Wenger had nothing to do with it except he was the one who made the deal(!) Very good, well done, you obviously know exactly what your talking about.
      Old? yes, well done again I forgot how rubbish and old Henry was. No, he didn't have a good season, yes he was absent for nearly half of it. He will be at his peak when he returns to full fitness in Spain and we will know he is worth more than 16 million. 16 million is less than shitty Carrick. A boringly average player and Henry is one of the best in the world.

      Don't give up the day job ladyboy

    • I think the club is now gone to the dogs, if we are so DESPERATE to receive Barca's £16million for TH. wHERE IS THE BARGAINING SKILLS?

      Max Clifford would have done a great job for us bargaining hard on our behalf temporarily if there's no one in the club with this skillset.

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      • It wasn't the board.

        It was Wenger.

        Apparntly we wanted £25 million, but they insisted on only £16 million and got their way, just as Juventu did.

        Can you imagine this happening with Fergusn or Mourinho?

        The man is brilliant but weak. This is reflected in his teams.


      • is there any way we, as fans can voice ur displeasure. I for one wont be buying any merchandise until the club gets its finger out. thats not saying i wont be supporting the club but why should we put our money into a club that clearly does'nt give a f*ck about us. The board and AW should be hung for sanctioning this deal. 16 million, it's enough to make you cry. It's a joke, i bet chelesa, liverpool, utd and spurs are laughing at us. Clubs like newcastle and west ham now have a more frightening strike force. apart from RVP who is gonna score goals for us. Adebayor, you must be smoking crack, he could't hit a cows arse with a banjo, Bendtner, what did he get last season in the championship, 12 or 13 goals, don't think he'll be setting the premier league alight. So how long before we can challenge again. I won't be holding my breath.

    • we always have been 13 million for vieira, we should have held out for much more, how much do you reckon barca would have charged us if the deal was the other way arond. Realistically who can we get in now, 16 million isn't much and even if we have more money who is there out there that ia as good as henry. Eto'o is one but we aint getting him. So who? I'm really pissed off with the whole situation, we cant hold on to anyone. Overmars, petit, anelka, edu, vieira and now henry, what is it about our club that players always seem to want away, and we can never attract anyone of any reputation. The whole club is in the crapper, from the boardroom down to the playing staff. SHAMBLES, F*CK*NG SHAMBLES