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  • Govinda Govinda Jun 24, 2007 16:15 Flag

    Sack Wenger now!!!

    That's my point exactly! Attract or retain will be difficult.

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    • Yeah. If he doesn't "re-sign", it may be time for him to step aside and... erm... "resign".

      Only problem is, I can't think of anyone to replace him? And who's going to find a manager now that Dein's gone?

      Capello being the obvious choice, but will Real seriously get rid? Deschamps... but would we go French again? Houllier (same reasoning)?

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      • Henry has already roped Wenger into his reason for not risking a stay at Arsenal.

        Wenger will have to come out and make some statement of intent before the next season. Perhaps, he should actually let us know what really happened as regards Henry leaving - like he let him go just like Fergie let Roy Keane go because he was getting too big for his boots and starting to upset the young players.

        We need a striker but we are not going to get a good striker with Wenger and Arsenal situation without splashing out (danger money) and allowing a get-out clause if we dont qualify for CL or Wenger goes.

        I think the current team is good enough to get us fourth as long as we dont have too many injuries or try to hard in Cups like CC or FA.

        Wenger has to sign by January or tell us he is going.

      • Interesting choices. I also had thought of Deshamps and even thought he could bring Viera and Trezeguet. Houlier good thought did well with Lyon.

        Beenakker? I know you might not like his inexperience but personaly I like the spirit Stuart Pearce brings. I would have like big Sam. A trade (Hnery) would have liked; Henry and Wenger for Rijkaard and one Barca player?

        In any event there have to be coaches who would drop what they are doing to take this job Hidding?