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  • Govinda Govinda Jun 25, 2007 15:42 Flag

    Sack Wenger now!!!

    wouldn't that be nice... but what do you think is the chance of that happening? ie the board sacking itself?

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    • Bravooo... Arsenal fans, u got the point now. Arsenal problems is not AW, don't believe at what u hear that he has all the power to bring in great players when he wants. U can't convince me that Arsene does'nt know great players to replace the ones he lost(Adams, Seaman, Vieira, Berkamp and now Titi) or add to what he has.
      Look at the facts, for the last five years he hasn't been able to sign players who were about to become world class players. This is a guy who brought in Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Anelka, Thierry in his first few seasons at Arsenal. So, please don't question his ability to put together a great side.
      Ask yourself why, he appears to struggle to get in great players except the kids.Last season he said that he wanted at a certain time to sign: Petr Cech, Makelele, Eto'o,Drogba before they go to Chelsea, Madrid n Barca. IMO, the answer is a SMALL BUDGET. Which means, he is frustrated. He sees that he can't compete with Chelsea, ManU and soon Liverpool, Spurs,...
      DD is a great friend to AW and they worked together for a long time. It means DD was just trying to help AW build a team the way he wanted without restrictions of small budgets(don't u want to compete with AC Milan, Juve, Real, Barca, Chelsea and ManU. So, there is no secret.Do like them. SPEND.)
      Arsene is an ambitious manager, so he can't commit himself to the club if they are not as ambitious as he is. He wants promise of funds that will allow him to compete.

      Now, if u decide to sack AW for not committing to the club beyond his contract. Am almost certain the new big name manager will want to spend more that what AW will ask.
      The ideas of getting in the Capellos, yes Capello has won the League with every club he managed. But, how many big names players he brings at the club with him. Example last year at Madrid: Canavaro, Emerson, Diara, Ruud VN and others. He spent more than £50 mill in one season.
      If AW was given £50mill last month, nobody would be talking about Thierry going to Barca or AW must sign now a new contract.
      So IMO, the problem is the board and u got to admit it there is a lack of funds.