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  • PhantomKnight PhantomKnight Jun 26, 2007 18:55 Flag

    We need only a 1st class Central Defender

    Please no Reyes / Owen / Anelka.... we are better off with the players we have.

    let the youngsters show they can do well without being overshadowed by TH14.

    What do you think

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    • yeah. not particularly against an attacking player coming - but mostly not the ones being banded about as possibilities. would quite like to see how someone like yakubu could do in a team like ours.

      First signing I'd be going for would be curtis davies though, and having said that, if the season started tomorrow I'd still have plenty of confidence in the squad we've got.

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      • confidence is a matter of assigned probability to an expected outcome.

        I am also confident and happy to be an Arsenal fan no matter what.

        However without new additions my confidents is restricted to the current squad less Henry being capable of reaching 4th in the EPL. And that's fine in the sence that it would (hopefully) still place us in the CL pre-qualifying rounds.

        To win the CL, although possible, without Henry and a half-way decent replacement for Henry plus some strengthening in defence (dont forget African nations Cup). is a long-long shot.

    • Sorry, I don't agree.

      We definitely need a quality striker to replace TH. Currently we have:

      RVP - has the potential for a good season, but is coming off the back of a long term injury spell so will need a while to get back to his old self.

      Adebayor - still learning his trade in the PL and is by no means the finished article. He has to come good this coming season or be shown the door.

      Walcott - had a very inept season last year. How much of that was down to his shoulder injury only time will tell, but he's still unproven in the PL.

      Bendtner - had a resonably good season in the Championship, but the PL is a different matter altogether and he will take a couple of seasons yet to show whether he's up to it.

      That's it. That's all we've got up front, and you can't convince me that's a potent strike force.

      In addition, our midfielders aren't scoring goals. Freddie's past his best, Cesc never will, in my book be a prolific scorer, Rosicky - may be may be not, and Hleb, well - say no more !

      To sum up, we need a goal scoring midfield player and a noteworthy striker. I see Teves is being linked with a move to the Emirates. Now that would be a good start!

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      • Even if we had kept hold of TH14 we would still need to strengthen our squad, since we haven't we need to more than ever.

        I fully agree that our current full strength squad is pretty good.. but it's not on par with Man U or Chelsea, and I'd be very surprised if it did any better than last year (without any additions)

        Personally I'd like AW to strengthen Midfield and Defence first (Y Toure?)... as for replacing Henry,, can't see that happening to easily, maybe get a proven striker and hope Walcott comes through in the future! Having said that if VPersie and Adebayor stay fit for the season I think they'll do well.

    • not trying to be a pain but is this not a quote of yours.:

      ...with a bit more killer instinct courtesy of RVP and a good run together in the centre of defence for Toure & Gallas, we can be the best team in prem...

    • no worries marintii but you don't seem to be noticing that I'm saying we CAN be the best in the prem, not we ARE. the best squad by numbers doesn't equate to the best squad through the season, otherwise chelsea would have walked away with it last year...so yeah if you look at stats & value we don't have the best squad, but with a little improvement in areas as referred to in my prev post, we CAN be the best team in the league, and I think some of our performances last season did show that despite our inconsistency.

    • Gotcha. I agree if you mean best team on any given day, I think the current team needs a few more seasons before they can be expected to prove to be the best team over an entire season.

    • thought it was just misunderstanding - I couldn't give u any grounded reasons to expect that we CAN do it throughout a season but I'd also say that any reason people could give that we couldn't do it over the full season would be similarly speculative.
      there is a precedent for the fearlessness of youth being effective over a season in the prem with uniteds kids, and there is a precedent for an AW side exceeding expectation with our invincible season, so I see that as reason enough for optimism.

      I do still have a lot of belief in AWs brand of football, and although we've stuttered for a couple of years, I still think that the existing squad have whats needed to play that beautiful football consistently...I think, almost more than signings, I'd like to see us start the season having worked a lot on defending set pieces and making better use of the set pieces we get. on top of that, would like to see work done on Hlebs use of the ball and all attacking players finishing.

    • That is the question isn't it, but I'd have Rosicky in the Bergkamp role, but more of a side to side movement than a thrusting forward one. Cesc is intelligent enough of a player to mix it up with him and rop to support Gilberto when nessecary.

      I've also noticed Rosicky's willingness to chase back and tackle, which is something extra to Dennis's game.

      The full backs bombing down the sides and Van Persie pulling deep or going either side would mean we could be unmarakable at times.

      Then Teveze with his touch, strength and finishing would be the coup de grace.

      The team would be much more effective and we could exploit the gaps we make in defence for once rather than just playing in front of them and producing nothging from the flanks.

      The beauty of having a young team is their energy and stamina and they would need it for this explosive approach.

      Would still be beautiful to watch and not that much of a departure.


    • I don't agree. you so often hear some arsenal fans say 'let the youngsters show us' well they got a damn good opportunity last year and did as well as they could, which let's be honest is not bad at all. I was very pleased with the carling cup run and the maturity shown all round by our young guns. What it showed us is that if we want a good shot at the title, or at anything come to that, especially the champions league, then we need more maturity, experience and super talented players in the mix.

      I will agree that we need a new defender but we also need a new striker because our forward line is running thin (TH14, Aliadiere and Craptista all out, only Bentner returning and the prospect of Vela after xmas who we must remember is also still a youngster and unproven).

      We need more experienced squad players. end of debate. no question

    • I liked the effort and most of your opinions on players.

      Well done!