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    Cesc pledges to stay, new striker: The future's bright, the future is...

    a championship challenging team? Perhaps thats a bit optimistic so early on... but nothing is impossible in the world of footy
    Well, well, just as I presumed a week ago, so many of you made a massive U-turn on your little drama acts that it was the end of the road for arsenal as soon as a new stiker came.
    I must say it has come as a pleasant surprise to me that it took so little time to sign Da Silva, and that he isn't playing for Paris Pre-school.
    I was also heartened to see that Cesc's agent has come out and stated (read on the bbc website) that our young midfielder has no interest in joining Real or Barca because he sees our team as having a bright future and he wants to be part of it. Another good piece of encouragement from one of our most important players, alongside Freddie and Rosicky. This quashes all the hype surrounding Cesc in the last few days and should be seen good news for all

    So what next? Will we see some massive tactical changes come the beginning of the season? Will we see a new, more physical arsenal? Is this the first of several promising summer signings of players over the age of 20? Does AW agree with so many that we really need some squad competition for Hleb and Senderos, or even get rid of the latter?

    Your thoughts...

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    • just bringing the decent threads back to the top of the pile

    • fair comment damian. Utd supporters who think they can talk down to us as though they have more experience can F&£K off. You guys did not help SAF win the title for you - you had no influence on it - you sat and watched which is exactly what the rest of us did.
      I refuse to be all out opptimistic, but looking at the future I don't think we can make a decent assesment of where the team is until we have seen them play ast least 10 games next season. We shouldn't be written off. The standard of this league is rising every season - look at the signings being made at Chelski, Utd and in Scouseland - top class, world reknowned players are coming here and to more than just the 'big 4' - increasing competition.

      Arsenal are and never were a one man team, regardless of what anyone said. Every player is replaceable - even a certain Mr Henry.

      Our squad needs to mature and work hard together as a unit. Senderos def needs some competition at least - if not he needs to be flogged - to strengthen our back 4. Hleb needs to improve. I don't think he is a complete waste of time, but he needs a reason to step up and the only way I see that happening is if there is another player present who is threatening to take away his first team place - something Freddie isn't doing on his own.

    • Drogba copped a fair bit of bagging in his first season but rose to the challenge. I think Shevchenko will do the same. He didn't score too many first up but he set up a few.

    • Err well Shevchenko can't really sink lower so it's either up (5 premiership goals?) or out (back to Italy?) in my opinion. A bit sad considering both the history of the player and -well- the £30m pricetag.

    • I don't think we'll win the league this coming season, but I don't think we're as far off as you may hope.

      I expect the 20 points to be eroded to 10 or less next year - We just need to beat the teams in the lower half of the table we should realistically be beating by 3 or 4 goals. THEN we can think about mounting a challenge.

    • The future is no Henry. Why? Because he wants to win trophies and feels he can't do that at Arsenal.

    • was there ever any doubt!!!
      the joy of cesc lives!!!!!

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      • I am happy that Cesc is willing to stay.

        Hope he will stay longer also.

        Not pouring cold water on u guys but nowadays in football world, anything can happen.

        Remember that Henry's agent claimed that Henry will stay and he even threaten to take action against the Spanish media? What happened next is history.

        But I hope Cesc can see that in Arsenal, he does have a future. We are building a young squad and hopefully this squad will be able to be dominant in Europe for years to come. When the older players like Gilberto retire, may be he can be the captain.

        As for Senderos, please get some good competitor for him or just replace him. Djourou should be send out on loan to gain more experience. Hleb should get a good competitor also. Why not just sign a good winger and place him on the right wing?

    • Eduardo da Silva better be REALLY fucking good, if he cost us more than 16mil.