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    y are people writing us off

    henrys gone ,so is this the reason every1 is writing us off i think that was the best thing for usto sell henry .last season he wasnt up to scratch this year with van persie ade de silva wallcot all eager to show there skills and wenger pushing out the dead meat i think this might be our season....the young guns got to the carling cup final and outplayed cheating chelseas fullteam scums this is our year
    who agrees

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    • i dont know y people are saying were weakining our squad wenger has always brought players who are un heard of and turned them into superstarsi believe we will be title challangers this season.clichyis better than cole fab is gonna be the best midfielder in the world and van persie is the next henry i would rather have van persie than any otherin the prem
      and i would rather wenger do what he does best and not just pend money on silly overated players like chelsea do

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      • In order to win the CL and EPL,

        1st, Wenger must stay. Only if Wenger stay we might have a chance to change Dudu to something comparable to Titi. That means we need Kronke to come in and Dein to come back.

        2nd pre-requisite will be the 1st XI must be fit. No one can go injured. Our backup is still not strong enough.

        3rd, We need to cash in transfer window for better players. We need some good defencers who can work together well. Then we need good wingers who can scored like Pires and Ljunberg ( > 10 goals per season ).

    • that's to funny!! Not sure if I have ever seen a bigger moron on these boards. and I thought they were bad on our (Man U) board.

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    • Sorry I wasn't gpoing to hurt your feelings, but it's just too funny; you guys didn't even play pre-qualification in 2006, you were no where near CL football in 2006, big Brain!

      Bird brain...

    • You call that CL football!!!!

      That's like calling foreplay "the real thing".

      I guess you have no choice, over here, once you are used to the real thing you don't count foreplay.

      But don't worry I'm at least impressed you found this board. Didn't think you guys got out much. I guess exceptions prove the rule...

    • .......hahahaha quality everton fans dont remember champions league football.........a little reminder for you bird brain 2006.........hahahahahahaha
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    • "y are people writing us off"? To tell you the simple truth why people are writing Spuds off :

      Because your club have set your target too low.

      If spuds are serious about claiming 4th CL place they should aim higher than fourth position, then they can actually attain fourth place in the league. Unfortunately spud are so blinded by CL qualification to the extent that their target is set so low that they would fail at the end, and may not even be in the reckoning for a UEFA cup place.Realistically, the chance of Spuds catching any of the top 4 teams is so slim irrespective of the gap between Spuds and top 4 clubs last season given the personnel at hand to accomplish this mamouth task on Spuds's part. The talk of so closing the gap is too premature given recent addition to their team and a lightweight Spuds midfield compared to the top 4 teams.

      AFC on the other hand are a team that believe that they can actually win the EPL and other trophies at stake, and rightly so even if people think that lack of huge expenditure on new players would handicap the gunners in their quest for glory.

    • Now why would you mention CL? Everton fans dont know CL football, haven't known it as long as I can remember or at least as long as relevant.

      But I guess to dream of it is the next best thing.

    • ........i is only bein rea..listic...unlike some o d bird.......brains on nya board hernry was arsenal....dont even say wallcoat to me........he is still a kid wet behind d ears ya kno plums...............reyes hahahahahahaha

    • i dont think we will win he prem, but im for us to be in the carling cup final and fa cup, and i expect nothing less than champions league quarter final nest season, and at least 3rd.

    • I have written our chances down not of.

      It is hard to deny that of the top 4 teams we are the only one who have not strengthened our squad.

      Man U by far have had the best summer in the transfer market but Liverpool and Chelsea have also added both skill and depth. We have not kept up with that.

      So in my view we will be better than last year but not by as much as they will be better. Our squad does not have the depth to compete for an whole season on all fronts (EPL, CL, FAC, CC).