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  • Nick Nick Jul 9, 2007 22:54 Flag

    Spurs games

    Hello scum (Sorry old habits)

    How you all feeling about the Arsenal v Spurs derby’s and league places this coming season?

    I think we (Spurs) have bolstered our squad very well so far the closed season and will come out a much stronger side than last year, that being said there are a lot of teams done the same and I am not too sure what will happening regards to the league position this year with ourselves.

    Now the head to head matches between our clubs have been great the last few years, even a neutral just watching would have to say how entertaining they are. This year I think we have the squad to at least beat you at White Heart Lane.

    You have a young squad but they proved themselves as being a force to recon with last season, although their inexperience did show through a lot and changes had to be made subbing for an older player now and then, I'm hoping this will be the case again this coming season and will give spurs the chance to overtake you, but who knows.

    Your thoughts?

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    • Fan base? We have a backlog of unfulfilled season ticket applications running into tens of thousands, about 30,000 to be precise, so our fan-base isn't really an issue, as we still have plenty of those. Ultimately, the difference between us and you really isn't that great. We sell all our tickets, give or take - the attendance issues hitting other teams don't apply to us.

      Spending issues? Over Sugar's reign we outspent man u and still the club was in the black when he stepped down. The Bent deal is massively over-egged in arsenal quarters. You boys didn't pay c£16mil for reyes or walcott, or at least not yet, only if they work out. Likewise, we haven't paid that for bent, and the press release says that. Just as in your two deals mentioned, we pay top whack if the guy meets very strict performance criteria. We pay £17m for bent IF he ends up playing up to that price tag. The up front payment was £5m this summer. Look through most of our squad and not that many players have cost big money, and those that have have so far proved worth it, with the possible exception of mido.

      Viability? We're a plc, it's harder for us to be irresponsible. We have a chairman with a great deal of financial savvy and he has done a cracking job so far - plus we had a share issue that ENIC snapped up, which ultimately is a multi million investment company. We're listed, so if you want to see our accounts they are available.

      Finally - look at what your players cost you. There are some not-insubstantial fees in there. Denilson cost more than lennon and dawson combined, yet you palm him off as a 'youth product'.

    • Alfy, I definitely learn a thing or two about being humble tonight and wish Spurs all the best for coming season, if we can't bring back the EPL trophy to North London this season, I won't mind our neighbour achieving this feat on behalf of the good people of North London. C'mon SPURS!!!

      Hopefully we would be exchanging views in another thread very soon, meanwhile have a great evening.....nah nite.

    • hahaha would i like to admit something drastic such as winning the PL FA CC UEFA cups all next season. I'd like to see one cup yea and at least 6th too.

      yep its a viable business all right and a profitable one too. fan base is huge but it isnt all about who gets to see the games is it? ENIC DOES have a billionaire backing mind you but the club has got 60million from sky (allegedly). So we spent 30odd mil of it whereas u guys paid your mortgage off a bit

    • Top 6 for spending £17 million on Bent alone? you must be joking. Just get Fabio Cappelo as manager to attract players to Spud if Martin Jol's ambition is that low for the club. I can assure you there would be riot if Arsenal finishes below the top 3 this season.

      Another question I'd like to ask spurs fans, where is the money spent on your new signings coming from as there's no billionaire owner? I'm sure Spud are not as viable a business as your neighbour given the stadium capacity issues and fan-base, and also there's no CL money that AFC receives. Please enlighten me...

    • sorry to answer your question top 6 for us too

    • im sitting with a gooner right now and he thinks top 8.

      even so, i think top 6 for def.

      sorry chaps but u need a massive signing ie wenger !!!

    • Realistically, what would you classify as a successful season for your club given the large outlay of funds? I'm expecting an unbiased assessment from you, please.

    • ha very good. he doesnt have to be top scorer as we have three others quite capable (and mido even). Berbatov is pure class

      so we dont have many internationals in our team then is what you meant? : )

      So you are just a tad jealous;)

    • :D You have reason to feel optimistic, but even in your sheer optimism you cant look away from the fact that our team is still better than the New look Spurs team. I am not english so i will never understand the Love the Spurs share with the Gooners. But i guess it has been a case of neighbourhood jealousy.

      How Spurs will do next season, dont know and dont care. How Arsenal will do next season, 4th for sure and if we have a good run we might be anywhere in the top three. With Henry gone i am excited for this team will be hungry to show what they can even without the great TH.

      Its the time of the young GUNS to strut their stuff of which they have been giving glimpses last season.

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      • Ah yes - the kids. I remember that great youth team that went on that cup run a few years ago, who were the future of arsenal and would garentee their dominance for a decade.

        Oh yes, owosu-abiyi, bentley, aliadiare, lupoli, flamini, hoyte, senderos, fabregas and clichy. Or gone, gone, gone, gone, going, reserve, considered dodgy, possibly off to spain, and not as good as cole, as I like to call them.

    • I think our head to head games will always be entertaining because of the rivalery.

      Having said that, despite the fact that you guys have made some signings and many other clubs have as well, I think we (Gunners) will be the best of the rest (excluding Man U and Chelsea).

      We have so much room for improvement in the current squad keeping in mind all the mist chances last season, the fact that Rosicky will be in his 2nd year in the EPL and Walcott has gained some valuable experience, it seems impossible for Ade to miss any more sitters and unlikly for RVP to break his foot again (famous last words) in addition some of us have thought for a long time that a "fox in the box" like Da Silve (or Ian Wright was) is something we realy needed given the number of opportunities we create. Foxes addapt much quicker to new teams because they are in the right spot at the right time to tap them in.

      Look at Van Nistelrooy, he joins Man U and wins a scoring title and last year when he went to Real he took the Spanish scoring crown. That's what Da Silva can bring for us.

      We are also going to be even harder to defend against because we will no longer seek to involve Henry on every play.

      So I believe we will finnish 3rd worst case 4th, not on the strength of this off season activeties but on the strenght of our current squad.

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      • hello marintii. absolutely absolutely not and absolutely i agree. ade should not spoon anymore, da silva wont have a shevseason and walcott is all grown up and yes all overdue a good season one and all.

        but what if that doesnt happen.

        what if darren bent fell perfectly into place in our team, what if berbatov is top scorer and is not injured. what if bale has a blinder, what if robinson didnt leak so many goals, what if ledley wasnt injured for the entire season, what if zakora burst into life, what if kaboul hits the ground running, what if our best player doesnt leave.

        Lots of if's and buts mate and we have just as many as you. All i see is that we got one hell of a team and i hope they show us their worth.

        There is one thing we have which you dont. confidence


      • Now there is an answer!

        Damni t youve got me thinking my hope maybe false dreams now!


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