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    Gallas's Rallying Call to the stagnant Gunners?

    As we all know Gallas doesn't shy away from controversies, whether it is negotiating an increased pay packet, or putting the knife in on fellower professional who happens to cross Gallas' line without expressed permission, or recently stating it as he sees it, Gallas doesn't bury his head in sand like most.

    Some fans have taken exception to his recent comments accusing the club for lack of ambition on the playing field, BUT is Gallas right to state the obvious and are some fans wrong this time? YOUR OPINION.....

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    • When one states the so called "OBVIOUS" in public it is nothing short of rumour mongering and sowing the seeds of dissent. If he has problems he should speak to the concerned guys that's Wenger and the Board and not to the Media.

      Had he exhausted all his possibilities before he spoke to the press? NO. He said he will speak to Wenger. It would have been fair if he had first spoken to AW and then opened his mouth!

      He has no faith in the squad. And it is plain and simply cowardly and lacking class to say the team is unhappy about the situation!! The others can speak up when they want to. What he is doing is nothing but raising a ruckus and weakening the team moral.

      Let him leave, let us take the bucks and go for a decent CD who plays more and speaks less!

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      • copied form another post, these words are not mine but thought you might have overlooked them as I did until a few minutes ago.

        begin quote=
        I am french and read that article/interview with Willy Gallas on his page, and I think the press is pulling the proverbial fast one on us again!

        Gallas's tone in the article is not a negative one, he speaks about Henry's departure and how he kinda expected it, and how the squad needs to add a few players and that he is not here at Arsenal to play for 3rd place. And we need players in order to challenge on all fronts this season

        The tone was challenging, but in a good way with a positive tone. He speaks about building on last season and the carling cup run. He also says that he feels this young team in thirsty for victory, and it is time to prove it.

        Once again, I feel that his comments have been taken outta context by the british press.

        Give Gallas a break, I know he can be a whiny guy sometimes, but he is a winner, and a competitor, and I for one, like his challenging follow my lead and win something attitude.

        <=end quote

        does this soften things for you Sameer?

        Maybe he is trying to be a leader?

      • Whether he went about it the right way or not i believe Gallas is absolutely right we are showing no ambition & thats the real reason Henry wanted to go.

      • I agree with Sameer's first two paragraph's.

        I would not go as far as calling what he did cowardly because to me cowardly implies hideing from your acts. The fac that he might have spoken publicaly means cowardly is not the word I would use but more classless.

        Having said that who knows what he realy said and in what context.

        I for one dont disagree with what he said.

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      • "Real are apparently willing to offer £27m in a joint deal to land Fabregas and keep on-loan striker Jose Antonio Reyes at the Bernebeu."

        What is that 20 for Fab and 7 for Reyes?

      • Gallas has no justification for what he said. The transfer season is ongoing. We have already made some signings. His comments implied that the signings we made are not good enough on the basis that they don't have 'big reputations'. In saying that, he is already undermining these guys. Did Henry have a big reputation when we signed him? Eduardo is already better than Henry was at 24

        It is not exactly like Wenger is going to brief him daily on transfer negotiations so he does not know the facts. Tomouth off like that and suggesting he might be leaving is both arrogant and precisely the kind of attitude we don't need. He basically undermined the manager and the club