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  • faircritic faircritic Jul 11, 2007 06:34 Flag

    Why is Viera So Obsesed With Arsenal Affairs????

    is it because he still hirting for being dumped by AW?

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    • to be honest i dont remember that far back i was too youong and wasent too into footy, but from reading history stuuf i got the idea he wasent very impressive at milan.

    • I am sorry to disagree that Viera was not sh1t at Milan. If I recollect Wenger said he was on the bench and the club did not see it fit to give him more first team starts. The thing is that in Italy and Spain, they do rely a lot on big names and experience especially in the midfield and defence.

      Wenger took a punt and it worked for player and club. Having said that, Viera came into an emerging Arsenal side that was solid at the back with some flair players in different parts of the field.

      The same reason why Cesc is now playing for us - he was not good enough for the first team at Barca because others were in front.

    • but surely you have to understand that, everytime he came to london he always watched the gooners. at the end of the day he was shite before he came to arsenal sold after 1 game at the san siro for milan, then we bought him and urned him into a machine, if he does not appreciate that and love arsenal for what we and arsenal gave him, then he is a fcuking fcuker.

    • i think it stems from when we played juventus in the champions league thinking that no one could replace him and fabregas at one point in the game totally making a prat out of him.

      question what have

      ian wright
      paul merson
      and viera

      got in common...they where all pushed out by wenger instead of getting in first and making out they wanted to leave..in two years time u watch henry go he will be slagging us down something rotten as for aididare whos name i could never spell and so glad hes gone and not just cause of his name because hes shit he will have a massive chip on his shoulder for about 4 years fail at boro and end up plaing in the championship for colchester or someone u lot c if i aint right

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      • oh no...poor Aliadiere, he tried his best but wasnt good enough for Arsenal....
        as for Viera, it gets irritating but u knw he loves Arsenal....if he didnt, he wudnt be talkin bout them all the time..its true that he only answers the questions he is asked bout Arsenal....irritating @ times but i still respect him and have enough love 4 him...he is a Arsenal Legend...
        as much as i luv Henry and wish him all the best, i dnt tink he will shine in Barcelona...look @ the gorgeous Pires, damm...as if leavin Arsenal wasnt enough, he goes out there and gets injured which fuked up his season...but he still looks good ;-) ....

    • That is a great question! everytime there is a matter regarding an arsenal player, hes there in the press about it, it does my head in! Why doesnt he keep his nose out of Arsenal affairs!

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      • Why do u have a problem with Viera?

        He was an Arsenal legend, whats more it's clear from his comments he is still fond of our club. I think it's great that some of our ex-players still show interest in Arsenal it just shows that they were happy here and built a real affection for the club.

        I don't understand why so many fans seem to turn on our players the moment they leave.. even when they have good things to say!!

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      • I don't think he's still hurting, after all if you read some of the quotes:

        "I know how it feels to leave Arsenal, and it is hard. But this has happened before at Arsenal, losing big players through the years, and the club always comes back."

        "They have the quality to do well, but it will not be easy."

        "It is important to know that nobody is bigger than the club itself and I hope Arsenal will keep progressing. The club can still progress and they are in a good position. They have a new stadium and all big clubs have a big stadium, so now they need to get the results to be at the very top."

        Not exactly a scathing attack from an ex player.