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  • A Yahoo! User Jul 12, 2007 00:59 Flag

    Why is Viera So Obsesed With Arsenal Affairs????

    lol aliadiere isn't 'poor aliadiere' he's 'shite aliadiere'.

    The reason Vieira keeps banging on is cos he has nothing to do. He has no life of his own now and is living in the past. I respect that he was one of the best players we've seen grace highbury ever, but since he left his big gob has pissed me off. he always comments on everything and is always shit stiring. It happened when we were on the good run the the CL, when this season we were dumped out early, over the Cashley affair, over the TH14 affair, over Wenger's contract.

    He needs to but his nose out once and for all. He was part of arsenal's past, not the present or the future.

    As I said, I have the greatest respect for him as a fantastic player and as a wonderful captain for our club, but I wish he'd shut the hell up commenting on everything

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