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  • Dave SE Dave SE Jul 13, 2007 21:27 Flag

    strikers to flop next season?

    Fitting in strikers can be notoriously difficult and unpredictable.
    At least one of these big signings from this summer will flop, look at Sheva from last season.
    IMO the main flops next season will be:
    1/Darren Bent - flat track bully, a bit of a blunt weapon
    2/Torres - potentially great but another Morientes waiting to happen?
    3/Sheva again - once great but legs have gone, missus wants to move, and his manager does not want him there
    4/Henry (I genuinely wish him well for all he has done for us but am unsure about his injuries or how he will fit into Barca)
    5/ Owen?? too many question marks over injuries and desire to be at his club

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