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  • Dave SE Dave SE Jul 13, 2007 21:27 Flag

    strikers to flop next season?

    Fitting in strikers can be notoriously difficult and unpredictable.
    At least one of these big signings from this summer will flop, look at Sheva from last season.
    IMO the main flops next season will be:
    1/Darren Bent - flat track bully, a bit of a blunt weapon
    2/Torres - potentially great but another Morientes waiting to happen?
    3/Sheva again - once great but legs have gone, missus wants to move, and his manager does not want him there
    4/Henry (I genuinely wish him well for all he has done for us but am unsure about his injuries or how he will fit into Barca)
    5/ Owen?? too many question marks over injuries and desire to be at his club

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    • 1.Da Silva

    • everyone forgot our old friend Aliadiere - utter pants and doomed to failure

    • some good choices all round.

      As for successes,
      Berbatov - pure class
      Hopefully RVP takes a massive step towards world domination

    • Fair enough - I'd agree that Bent could disappoint - the fact that Spuds paid more for him than Barca did for TH defies all logic - even taking his age into account.
      I reckon that Torres will score goals for 'Pool, but am not sure if he's played with partners in the mould of Kuyt or Crouch before. I reckon that Mascherano will make Liverpool a much stronger proposition this season - so if their midfield can get the balls into the right place at the right time, Torres will deliver.
      Agree with you that Shevchenko will disappoint - by his own high standards. Of course he will score goals, but whether he will link up any better with Drogba is another issue entirely. I'm actually quite interested to see whether Drogba will be able to repeat his heroics of last season. the fact that he's physically very strong, and also acts as though he's been shot whenever a defender tries to dish it out to him makes him a handful - but I reckon that we'ill see the big man being kicked up into the air this coming season..... and getting less sympathy from the officials than he thinks he deserves.
      TH is a class act, so if he remains injury free in a less physically demanding league, then he'ill do well at the Camp Nou.
      Owen hasn't had a good season in four or five years - there's no reason to assume that he's going to turn it around this season - even with Joey Barton attempting to supply the bullets.

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      • Torres-may struggle at first especially as rafa likes to turn his team, it may be hard to get consistency.

        Bent-Same deal hard to get games therefore may flop.

        Nani-will take time to adjust

        Sheva-just plain past it

        Owen-Knee surgery by november

        Bianchi-maybe he's a Zola but more likely a Corradi


        Eduardo-If he is a poacher of top quality there will be no shortage of chances.

        Utaka-Big, strong, physical and technical...I think he could do well for Harry.

        Viduka-Class and will bang em in for Newcastle

        Tevez- Scary thought Rooney, Tevez, Giggs, and Ronaldo running at ya!

        Babel- The kid is flat out good and fast.

    • more flops could possibly be:

      Nugent - portsmouth spent 6 mil but can he deliver in the premiership

      Chopra - Sunderland the 5mil signing cos keano didnt wanna spend 6 on nugent

      That italian striker linked with man city whose name eludes me. but since when have any italian footballers performed wel in english football. styles to dissimilar.