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    Flamini U-Turn .... Good or Bad?

    Flamini has stated that he's willing to be a squad player this season and play would play anywhere the manager wants him.

    Is Flamini u-turn good or bad for the club in terms of new signing that could have been made to replace him if his previous wishes to leave the club were fulfilled?

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    • It's neither good or bad in my opinion.
      If a big club had come in for him i think he would have chosen to leave.

      I think that we have enough central midfield players to cover for his absence.Would he get in the team in front of fabregas,gilberto,diaby,denilson.... to name but four.

      He's not a bad player and he's scored some important goals for us last season,but i'm not sure if he's really top top quality.

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      • Those of you who suggested that only Flamini and Diaby can tackle should be reminded of the following Opta stats from last season, which read, for Arsenal players : "

        Passing Player Passes Pass %
        1 Francesc Fabregas 2,585 81.3%
        2 Gilberto Silva 1,907 82.0%
        3 Kolo Toure 1,540 76.5%
        4 Alexander Hleb 1,495 82.7%
        5 Gaël Clichy 1,268 82.2%

        Crossing Player Crosses Cross %
        1 Francesc Fabregas 178 28.7%
        2 Robin Van Persie 92 21.7%
        3 Gaël Clichy 77 14.3%
        4 Tomas Rosicky 75 17.3%
        5 Emmanuel Eboue 70 21.4%

        Tackling Player Tackles Tackle %
        1 Gaël Clichy 135 81.5%
        2 Francesc Fabregas 117 73.5%
        3 Gilberto Silva 101 63.4%
        4 Kolo Toure 88 73.9%
        5 Alexander Hleb 82 76.8%

        Note that Cesc is not just a good passer, but a good tackler and crosser as well (although many of these were doubtless free kicks).

    • I should imagine there has been no serious taker for his services, so it's better to have a regular income and play a bit part role than it is to be left on the scap heap.

    • i personally feel that, this is a very good thing flamini did, as he can left back right back and defensive mid, he is one of our ultimate utility player and now more than ever we will depend on him.

    • All teams need a utility players o yes it does make good sense flamini staying wenger sorted him out and put him straight he only argument he wanted more matches and now he has to prove why he shud get more matches.

    • i hope its a good thing. he deserves games - he is the fighter in the midfield that we need. i feel sorry for him