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  • benji benji Jul 17, 2007 02:20 Flag

    How Can We Help Reyes to enjoy London?

    simple - no

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    • I am beginning to warm to the idea of pulling our the red carpet for Reyes to come back. I was not happy with him wnating to play for Real & the constant speculation.

      However, this is a player that is Arsenal register - player that plays in a position that we dearly need a strong signing, and a player that should be high on confidence from helping win the La Liga for his boyhood club.

      It will be nice to think that he would come back at least for next season to help the team sort out a problem and to get enough game and exposure for another move.

      We will most likely have to shell out more for a like-for-like replacement for Reyes compared to the amount we will get for him.

      I suppose one can wish - if only pigs fly...

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      • Am I missing some thing but why the hell should people want this duffer back.

        He was easily tackled, lost the ball, useless at diving for penalties, and most of all scored very few goals. At £15million he was hardly value for money. He also had 3 seasons to make good.

        I thought things were getting bad when fans started to want Anelka to come back because there is some perception that he won the double single-handly for Arsenal in 97/98.