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  • geoj geoj Aug 2, 2007 20:50 Flag

    Can Wenger build his greatest team?

    I don't think this team is entirely the result of a strategy that Wenger embarked on three-four years ago, when plans for the new stadium were green-lighted, and he knew he has heading into a period where money would be tighter, and where success would, at the same time, be demanded.

    I disagree that this side is the weakest we have had - but it is the most inexperienced - and the interesting thing is - only a handful of them have any pedigree other than that which they have established with Arsenal. (Hleb, Gallas, Rosicky, Jens, Sagna)

    Think of :
    Van Persie

    .......... none of them really had any 'reputations', to speak of, before they joined Arsenal - so the project is entirely different to any that AW has undertaken before. If I were looking for a modern day comparison, I'd suggest that Sir Fergie's first great side - with Becks, the Nevilles, Scholes, Giggs, Sharpe, et al was probably the closest example of where one of the big clubs tried to build a team around a core group of young players.

    If AW pull this one off - it will far and away be his greatest achievement.

    (and with at least a half dozen other kids waiting in the wings, there's every chance that the success can continue for years to come).