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  • NLondonisred NLondonisred Aug 4, 2007 16:21 Flag

    JUST £10m for Tevez for two years!!!

    On a more general note I for one am reasonably happy with the Gunners pre season matches and its another season of players geling with others they are used to. With Bendtner coming into the fold already being an Arsenal player the additions have been good. Sagna looks good and allows Eboue to push up to midfield Clichy is my man of the pre season how good is he becoming! Walcott looks more confident Eduado looks eager and up for it. But it is the youngsters who are rally looking good , Diaby, Traore, Denilson etc all looking fantastic. I m really not too sure about bringing so many new faces together in one go I think it will backfire on Fergie bigtime but guess what I not that intrested in what other teams are doing just my own.
    I have noticed an annoying infection we got rid of on this board coming back its proper name is thrush (annoying little c**t) I think you know who I mean. Come the Gunners!

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    • I agree with u London!!! If u read the Daily Mail its talking about we are getting DIARRA fomr chelsea for 2million. He is a good player strong but i feel the middle of the park is sorted its the wings and defence that need cover. Fo wenger defence is sorted but i dont know therefore we need another winger not central player.

      As for Rooonaldo_utd i asked him why he is always on here and he redirected the question back to me asking me why i am on here so there u go we r both wannabe ARSENAL FANS think he has watched TRANSFORMERS AS A KID.