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    JUST £10m for Tevez for two years!!!


    Another FANTASTIC bit of business by Fergie!!!

    What was Wenger thinking not making a bid???!!!

    His 7 goals in 10 games at the end of the season combined with his match winning displays proved he is a world class player, only 23 years old, South American player of the year twice, coming into a team of CHAMPIONS!!! Its looking good!!!

    For the next two years we will have a world class player to use either alongside Rooney or to cover him, giving us ANOTHER fantastic option. How much money will we make in shirt sales in those two years? Enough to pay the 20 million fee if he's a success??!!

    I THINK SO!!!

    Its win-win for United!!! And he'll be just 25!!!

    Onwards we march to more success!!! Meanwhile you have Doodoo, 25/26 years old and cost at least £8.5m....lol!!!

    Fergie wins again!!!

    We have seen United put 6 past Arsenal at YOUR OWN small ground TWICE in Fergies time, 4 recently after Ronaldo tore you a new one, could there be another repeat in the coming seasons??! With Senderos around anythings possible!!! Why can't Wenger ever score that many at Old Trafford?! Guess there is just a MASSIVE gulf in class!!!

    Good luck pipping Spurs and Newcastle for fourth place!!! You're gonna need it!!!

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    • "Guess there is just a MASSIVE gulf in class!!!"

      Nope there is a MASSIVE gulf in money now that you are financed by the blood money of American crooks. Fans of this corrupt club should hang their heads in shame.

      Arsenal - a shining light for how a football club should be run - honestly and prudently. Also the fact the football we play is the most exciting the EPL has ever seen.

      By the way Owen Hargreaves worth £17 million?! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    • On a more general note I for one am reasonably happy with the Gunners pre season matches and its another season of players geling with others they are used to. With Bendtner coming into the fold already being an Arsenal player the additions have been good. Sagna looks good and allows Eboue to push up to midfield Clichy is my man of the pre season how good is he becoming! Walcott looks more confident Eduado looks eager and up for it. But it is the youngsters who are rally looking good , Diaby, Traore, Denilson etc all looking fantastic. I m really not too sure about bringing so many new faces together in one go I think it will backfire on Fergie bigtime but guess what I not that intrested in what other teams are doing just my own.
      I have noticed an annoying infection we got rid of on this board coming back its proper name is thrush (annoying little c**t) I think you know who I mean. Come the Gunners!

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      • I agree with u London!!! If u read the Daily Mail its talking about we are getting DIARRA fomr chelsea for 2million. He is a good player strong but i feel the middle of the park is sorted its the wings and defence that need cover. Fo wenger defence is sorted but i dont know therefore we need another winger not central player.

        As for Rooonaldo_utd i asked him why he is always on here and he redirected the question back to me asking me why i am on here so there u go we r both wannabe ARSENAL FANS think he has watched TRANSFORMERS AS A KID.

    • Even if those shirts are branded merchandise, they'll be selling for 2 Dong a pop... market prices and all that.

      Must admit, I've been surprised by Utd's buying this summer. They'll either be unstoppable, or they'll have some trouble gelling together. Their football will be amazing, or they'll be a bunch of individuals rather than a team.

      Either way... don't care too much. It's the Arsenal that I'm looking out for.

    • lol...
      Gotta Respect the Mancs for their abilty to exploit the Asian market.

    • The Chinese striker you bought will make a difference business wise than Tevez! But too bad in China you cant sell his shirts. They must already have the fakes on the streets!!

    • Lol okay Rooon, I'll simplify. The only way what you say could make sense is if somehow Tevez's purchase increased your fan base by X amount who all by his shirt giving you an extra £20mil. I think it's naive to think that Tevez has that kind of fan base who follow him.

      Only the big players like Beckham, Henry, Ronaldinho etc. can have the "£20mil effect." And maybe Park Ji Sung or other Asian players.

      Its quite ignorant to believe that over the next 2 years Tevez is going to bring in anywhere near that amount.

      Keep it Real..

    • Get Real Chris. Outside Europe not many buy branded ManU merchandise. In Asia and Africa you can pick a fake for a handful of pounds. So from there you cannot expect much.

      Do Argentinians have that kind of spending power? i dont think so. If you gonna talk shirt sales, this season it will be Torres for Liverpool. For 20 Mil you could have earned many times over!!

    • well true he did grow up in a very harsh country and he did perform well in that game, but when i take transfer money, stats and ability i will always choose ed, over tevez not just because im a gooner fan, sometimes i just find it funny how he can be so biased sometimes and chats sh*t but then again iit just wouldnt feel right.

    • Its business which only ManU or Chelsea can afford. To hire a player for two years 10 M is a lot of money.

      And by the way Dudu is just a year older than Tevez. And we "bought" him for 8.5M. And his wages should be half of what Tevez will earn.

      10 M for rent vs 8.5 M to buy. Common sense says the latter is the better deal.

      If Dudu is worth the money, he still costs us that 8.5. IF Mr T is worth his money, ManU has to shell out another 20 M provided Kia keeps his word and doesnt decide to sell Tevez to Real or Milan. (He is a crooked man who is wanted by The Brazilian Govt., so he is capable of anything and wont necessarily keep his word provided the profit is better!)

      In this deal ManU may or may not get the better of it. But Kia is the one who will be laughing all the way to the bank. He gets 10 Mil, MaU pay the players wages and he advertises his man in the biggest European Arenas and at the end of the day he still owns Tevez!!

      Discuss, we can be silly later.

    • Question u have not answered is why r u always on this board with your colourful overtones just to be a annoyance to this board and feel glorified that we r talking about u?
      CHEAP THRILLS MATE I TOLD U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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