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    Wenger's Greatest Season

    Arsene Wenger is the only one of last season's top five Premiership managers to make a profit on his transfer dealings between 2004 and 2007.
    He showed a £7.4 million surplus while Chelsk's Moronio was down a staggering £119.4m, Funguson was down £36.1m, Martin Jol down £43.6m and Rafa Benitez down £86.4m.

    No wonder so many fans from other clubs spout off on here. Whilst their clubs are funded by foreign blood money (thus rendering any trophies they win meaningless), Arsenal still represent how a football club should be run and why we're such a force for good in this increasingly corrupt sport.

    With the odds stacked against us the team can go into the new season wanting to prove people wrong and with the sheer footballing ability of the players have the beating of all the teams in this league. If Wenger can wrestle the Premiership crown back to it's rightful place it will be the biggest achievement of his career. Football in this country needs this to happen if it is to survive long-term.

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    • Well Wenger does have a masters degree in economics, surely that must count for something!

      But on a more serious note, he has said it before, that money spent may not always be a true reflection of quality received.

      There are so many stories of how many gems he has uncovered and bought either early or for pittance who turn out to be world-class stars.

      With the evidence you just presented in financial numbers, it is not hard to see why AW is called astute.

      However I still do think there is a need to splash the cash on 1 or 2 key positions within the squad but ultimately that is the manager's decision.

    • ..."If Wenger can wrestle the Premiership crown back to it's rightful place it will be the biggest achievement of his career."

      Ha! So you're saying the rightful place for the Premiership crown is at ARSEnal? You're too funny! How many times have ARSEnal won the Premiership, and how many times have Manchester United won the Premiership?

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      • A good discussion......

        With all the talk swirling around these past few weeks about how much Fergie, Benitez and Jol have spent in the transfer markets, it's easy to forget that - had AW not taken the calculated risk a few years ago of buying in young talent, then we too would be spending 30-50millions on players.

        Martin Jol was quite disingenuous last season when he suggested that only a big club like Arsenal could afford to spend millions on unproven talent - he really was having his cake and eating it, having himself wasted millions on so called proven talent who never delivered.

        Anyhow, my point is this - if we had has beens and lightweights in our squads such as Harry Kewell, Mido, Edgar Davids, Bolo Zenden, etc, etc, then we'd have to spend big bucks too.

        Consider how much, in the Summer 07 marketplace, we'd have to spend to get in :

        Fabregas (£25m), Van Persie (£20m), Clichy (£12m), Eboue (£12m), Diaby (£12m), Denilson (£8m), Adebeyor (£10m), Djourou (£8m)........

        there you go .... over £100m, and we still don't have a full team !

    • Very good post my man.

    • Good post, although I accept it now as part of the culture in this country, other clubs seemed to have followed where Chelsea have led. This is further evidence of the great aquisitions of Arsene Wenger. Im not sure how much I believe statements that the club seperates emirates stadium debt from the transfer kitty. Surely when deciding how much Arsene can spend they factor in the overall state of the clubs finances.

    • Great numbers, Benitez's spending is unreal isnt it? The pressure is definately on him this season.

      I think that those numbers should prove to anyone that Arsenal have plenty of cash right now, but that AW simply has decided not to spend it. Whether we agree or not, that is his decision to make as manager. Personally I would have been worried had he gone out and spent 16million on Darren Bent!

      I dont agree that every other club's success is somehow tainted however. I've said it before, Fizsman made his money in the diamond trade, now that really is blood money!!