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  • Ares Ares Aug 17, 2007 23:57 Flag

    What the F**K is this idiot on about??


    So it is ok for other teams to kick us around but when we fight back we are the bad guys?? Well fuck you Rob Hughes, for all i know you can be a fucking pathetic yiddo who is still dreaming of CL. As long as we are winning and keep you hating us, it is all good b'ness.

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    • WTF is the International Herald Tribune any way ???

    • Listen mate he is reporting it under the "soccer" heading that tells us all what little this septic tank knows about football. He should stick to the yanks girly version or even better baseball.

    • Well I think he is a tosser!!

      Either they get pushed around and everyone says they are just kids and are lacking experience or if they fight back they are labeled as killing the sport.

      What a load of crap. A really belive the english commentators have a problem with Arsenal due to the foreign imports. That's racist!!

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      • Well I can see his point to a certain extand - he is just explaining it the wrong way -
        He is off the mark by accusing Cesq to react this way -

        The REAL problem is that for the past 2 years the refs have turned a blind eye on all the physical sh*t we had to play against
        Many many times, the player body was in danger; the refs were no longer protecting them ....After 2 years of this, well we have to react, if hte ref is not doing it then we will do it ourselves on the pitch.

        Remember back in the Vierra days we were labelled, dirty - We were getting a few yellow cards - in facts these were needed, we were playing oppositions playing the bully tactics, only back then we were responding to it - Guess what we won the title...
        We got accused of being dirty and we stopped all this and we finished 4th -

        Although this does not explain the last 2 seasons results,it contributes a bit I think - I like the fact that we react and if it means more yellows so be it , at least the opposition teams will maybe stop the bully tactics after all.

      • Rob Hughes has always been a bit soft and besides, he is writing for the Herald Tribune which is aimed at Americans and so he has to create "sensational" storylines so that they will read his articles.

        I bet Hughes used to write about how bad Roy Keane was as well. As they say, "show us your medals!" Winners impose themselves mentally, physically and every which way on their opponent. I for one am overjoyed that this team is finally showing they can handle being pushed around.

    • he's obviously a twat

      pay him no mind