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  • Swerve Swerve Sep 15, 2007 22:26 Flag

    Great result against Spurs

    What a comeback, fantastic display. Been away on hols and waht a great result to kick it all off again.

    Well done the boys, superb fightback showing lots of bottle.

    Too early to start looking at the league table (12 games in is more of a marker for me), but I have to say I am starting to wonder about the potential.

    Even if it isn't meant to be as I suspect, this is still EXACTLY the progress we need to show it may well be 2008-2009.

    Great stuff.

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    • next 5 prem games,,i can see thiese results.

      Arsenal - Derby County 4-0 (could be more derby are all over the place at the moment)
      West Ham - Arsenal 1-2 ( west ham are good but with our strenght we can win)
      Arsenal - Sunderland 3-1 ( sunderland are not consistent)
      Arsenal - Bolton 2-0 (bolton are just not what they use to be)
      Liverpool - Arsenal 1-1 ( toughest game yet,,i can see this as a draw)

    • Why are we continually debating Ade he may miss some but he won us the game on Sat and RVP was hardly in the game at all - should we not be debating this fact?. At the momemt Fab is making the team tick with good work from Ade Kolo and Clichy , the others are still sometimeish but will come good.
      But lets not delude our selves. Chelsea should have won their game by a mile and Liverpool are still a force only the Mancwancs are still playing crap. Lets enjoy the fact that the Gunners are top for now and the others are stuttering and every week MOTD Hansen has to sit and watch the team he dismissed as no hopers winning and his teams Utd Chelski and the Pool messing up he should learn from what experienced managers like SAF and Harry Redknapp say when it comes to Arsenal........ dont underestimate the Proffessor.
      Com'n the Gunners!!!

    • Yeah marvelous result put those Totts down whose only reason for existence these days seems to be mess up Arsenals season.

      To think a month ago people were calling Arsenal a busted flush and Spurs had signed wisely and were ready to over take them. Even 'darkhorses for the title' according to some.

    • Well done gooners - along with hammers result - f'kin brilliant!

    • Other top 4 managers would happily swap our present place right now and that says a lot for Arsene and the boys given the large outlay by the rivals and the pre-season nonsense we were subjected to.

      In addition, the Arsenal team haven't really gel like others and would only get better with time playing together. - that's good for me....We've seen united, chelsea both favourite and I'm afraid both would bite our hands off to take our place. C'mon ARSENAL....

    • Well, I am pleasantly surprised for our good start and the way the team is now gelling and playing for each other; and the fight.

      Red-Slayer - if you truly believe, then fair enough. As for Wenger, he did say that he knows but he would say that, wouldn't he? He must have believed as well in the last 2 seasons; and we know what happened...

      We are challenging and I am happy about that but the top 4 teams are still there or thereabout after just 6 games - it is a long long season.

    • yeah I do. Simply because they have both done it before and have bags of experience and players to bring in if things get a bit funny.

      Also, Fergie is the master at getting something positive out of adversity.

      I would love to be wrong and Liverpool have surprised me but ulitmately will fuck it up as always.

    • swerve APOLOGISE....

      ....... to ADE for all the unwaranteed BASHING, apologise all ye ADE bashers!

      The guy deserved a lot of credits for the way he always led the front line and don't tell us he missed a sitter, yes so did Darren Bent at £16.5million. ADE just came back from injury and have scored 3 important goals for us, that's more goals than ALL manure strikers put together managed to score. So let's appreciate the guy.

    • Muhahahaha awesome Fab Gas all the way....top of the pops guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3 more years hehe..........

    • so proud of the lads they are playing fantastic...derby next at home!!!! i wonder what Mr hansen will make of our title chances now....


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