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  • NLondonisred NLondonisred Sep 16, 2007 17:06 Flag

    Great result against Spurs

    Why are we continually debating Ade he may miss some but he won us the game on Sat and RVP was hardly in the game at all - should we not be debating this fact?. At the momemt Fab is making the team tick with good work from Ade Kolo and Clichy , the others are still sometimeish but will come good.
    But lets not delude our selves. Chelsea should have won their game by a mile and Liverpool are still a force only the Mancwancs are still playing crap. Lets enjoy the fact that the Gunners are top for now and the others are stuttering and every week MOTD Hansen has to sit and watch the team he dismissed as no hopers winning and his teams Utd Chelski and the Pool messing up he should learn from what experienced managers like SAF and Harry Redknapp say when it comes to Arsenal........ dont underestimate the Proffessor.
    Com'n the Gunners!!!