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  • Govinda Govinda Sep 19, 2007 20:06 Flag

    Benitez: Pennant Deserved To See Red

    Not all of the top 4 managers lack the ability to admit a players wrong.


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    • I disagree, to their credit all top 4 managers have publicly denounced their erring players in the past in very clear-cut cases of straight red card and it's there in the public domain if you researched it, therefore it isn't the first time such public denouncement of a player's misjudged actions have occurred therefore "clas" to all 4 managers.

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      • Due to the 'delicate' nature of some premiership players, I'm sure those managers who have come out and admitted that their player was in the wrong and deserved the red card, have done so only after discussing the incedent with the player in question first.

        Those players who will have pleaded with the manager that they were not at fault, or that there was nothing intentional would in my opinion get the support of their manager, and the press report would be aimed at the more usual 'I haven't seen the replay yet' or 'He's not that kind of lad' or 'I was busy picking my nose at the time, and didn't see it clearly'

    • I wouldn't call it class, more like stupidity. You should never criticize your own players in public. Wenger's approach is much better, no matter how close he was to the incident, he always says: I didn't see it. Isn't that class? ;)