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  • djmetallicat djmetallicat Sep 30, 2007 00:28 Flag

    0-1 to the Arsenal

    JohnBoy, I cant remember Almunia making many saves can you? Green on the other hand made 4 or 5 exceptional saves.

    We created way more chances than you and I always felt that we had another gear to go up if we really needed it.

    We deserved to win my friend.

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    • Not taking the win away from you. A goal is a goal but in recent weeks you have looked really good but today I think we did give you a good game.

      If we had Bellamy playing I think it would have been a diiferent story but I am not disappointed that we lost because I do think we gave a good account of ourselves and we are playing much better football than we did last year. Phil Thompson as well said that after seeing a replay he doesn't think Lundberg was offside and his goal should have stood but that's the way it goes sometimes.

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      • I don't know who the commentator was, but he kept going on about how Ljunberg not being offside because the ball deflected off of Toure. Unfortunately, like too many commentators, the guy doesn't know the laws of the game. The deflection off of an Arsenal player makes no difference.

        I also thought Bowyer was lucky not to be sent off for a second yellow when he threw his arm up to block a cross.

      • I think West Ham played OK, I think Arsenal could have stepped it up a gear though, losing Hleb made a difference to the team. London derbys are not usually a great spectical, but a win is a win against a tough and bogey side such as West Ham, I'm happy!!

      • Considering we lost 2 games to WHU last season, 3 points is a good way to get the monkey of our backs, whatever the mode of victory.

        Our real test this season is going to be how we fare against the top 3 from last season. If i am not mistaken we had 11 from 18 points last season. If we manage the same this season, the title is ours to be won. If not then it will prove difficult.

        Still a long season ahead and we are doing much better than anyone else but the faithful (in the beginning of the season read as foolishly optimistic) and AW expected.

        We are on top and enjoying as long as it last. Hopefully till the end of the season.