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    United Show Francenal Who's Boss

    I notice its very quiet here, why am I not surprised?!

    Congratulations on scraping a result again, a point AT HOME and I see your players celebrating like you have won the league, you guys must support the most pathetic bunch of players I have ever seen. F*ck me you need some English boys in that dressing room, I bet Fabregas and Flamini soap each other up after games.

    Obviously its quite understandable that you are happier than my lot as we showed we were the better footballing team, had more class throughout the side (get spending Wenger), attacked in a better more direct way unlike your pointless passing sideways and in triangles only to create nothing. Ade is f*ckin sh*te. Thank god we didn't get him. Not good enough for United, but has looked good with you.

    I came on here after your Liverpool game and commended you for your style. I take it back....not impressed at all, but to be fair you can't compete with the champions w3o are on a different level....


    1. Anderson ran the game, showed Cesc how to play, your boys couldn't get near him.
    2. Hargreaves completely bossed the midfield, I honestly thought Flamini was going to cry at one point. Wasn't sure why we signed him at first with Carrick doing so well, he's reminded me what we have missed since Keane left.
    3. You have NO firepower whatsoever. Yes you pass brilliantly, but its pointless considering you have no punch. United frighten me sometimes with their play, and I support them, they are THAT GOOD!
    4. Anderson was completely out of order with his card waving and rolling around. I hate that as much as any of you and unlike your (one reason why United fans are better than francenal c*nts) arrogant narrow minded fans on here, can call it like he is. He clearly is more talented than anything we have seen since Ronaldo, maybe has even more talent than him, but that sh*t has GOT TO GO, no arguments from me and I wont ignore it. Fabregas did make me laugh mocking him, I would have done the same, but lets face it Fab, bit of hypocrite aren't you mate! You pl for the biggest bunch of cheaters in the league!!!

    Anyway, game wasn't brilliant until the final 20 mins, but now we all know (like we did last season) that united are by FAR the better side. Its indisputable. Gutted we let you get a point, you were very very lucky tio get anything from the game.

    Drinking from 12.45 does not agree with me, Im seriously hungover so Im off to have sex. Looking forward to coming on here later and seeing your usual bites taking all this so serious.....

    P.s. Count to ten.... ;)

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    • Hahahahaha!!! Nice reply!

    • United showed arsenal who's boss? I dont think so, both teams were poor by their standards, they pretty much cancelled each other out.

      Again you're an utter moron spoutin' rubbish, anderson was embarrasing rolling around and showing an imaginary yellow card.

      What a shame the majaority of Man United fans are like you. Bitter, biased and stupid. Oh, and Francenel is so old, get over it, they have a few French players, who fuckin' cares? Xenophobic tosser

    • The better game was Sevilla v Real Madrid.

      2 - Nil to the small team we thrashed the other week.

      That and no less than 9! yellow cards. LOL

    • there is no WE harris u prick. you have no life - hence what you're doing here. At least Roons shows aptitude when it comes to knowing which buttons to push to piss of gooners, you just lick his ass all the time as though you're his tag team partner in some erotic agitation fueled orgy. you have no humour/ideas/personality of your own. its sick. you're sick. i pity you

    • Lol, considering the fact you were at home I wouldn't go bragging about those stats! I thought you were supposed to be the inform team, one we should fear? Put two past you at your own ground, you wont come close to scoring that many at ours, and after yesterdays game I would be pretty concerned now, as United KNOW they are the best team around, they just believed it before. Watch their response.

    • Derek should i care what any of you think?! Or is you lot being so bloody judgmental and presumptuous vindication enough for me taking the p*ss?!

      Look, Ive said a million times on here, to me this place is just a laugh, ok? I have real friends in real life (shocking!) and my view on it is each to their own opinions. But I am afraid to say there are some pretty stupid people this board, not you, and Im not trying to be insulting here, im talking quite literally. Its like they see everything in 2D and have no sense of perspective.

      You have seen my serious posts, I just love football, and yes Im a huge tease. Im not gonna apologise for that, its you lot who should be apologising for being so ridiculously serious over something so small. Think about it, does this place really matter to you mate?!

      One thread on some stupid message board and that warrants the abuse I get?! What a laugh! Come on your better than that Derek.

    • yup. Utd who played AWAY, are gutted that all we got was a point. compared to Arsenal, who were at home, are delighted with a point.

      7-0...it was Slavia Prague for heaven's sake.....

      Arsenal blew their chance of a possible 6 point lead.

    • If arsenal are so shite then why didn't you trash us? You marked Ade out of the game - well done you learned after he ripped your defense a new asshole last season. Hargreaves was pitiful and Anderson was a disgrace. He didnt run the game in the slightest
      I think you're bitter you didnt win. shame

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      • after the game yesterday most posts were about a good game and a fair result, then some gooners fans starting going on about cheating, diving, how we were lucky, (most said we would lose to you on the eve of the game)thats what caused the bitterness, because they were more interested in slating than talking about a fine game and celebrating a last gasp equaliser. what do you expect us to do, sit back and take it or fight back.

    • I read ur post and all I can see is a clueless and a die hard manure fan who is simply frustrated with his team. You sound like a fool to me. What's the big deal with the English boys? I did not see anything special from them + Rooney. Trust me without Ronlado and the other foreigners in ur team, u will battle to stay in the league.

      If u had so much powerhouse or end results, why did u go home with a draw. All u achieved yesterday was maybe good defending and an own goal from willy G. U may not admit to this but your manager and the players will testify to what i telling u today. Go and look at the stats from the game.

      Anderson who? u must be from a diff planet..lol

    • Anderson "ran" the game lol are you a complete idiot? Anderson did jack all in the game Cesc put him right in his place forcing Anderson to resort to rolling on the floor looking like he'd just broken his leg.

      "you guys must support the most pathetic bunch of players" umm yeah thats why Arsenal drew with man utd shows how pathetic man utd are then doesnt it. Also man utd played like a minor team they didnt really attack and aimed to get arsenal on the break our you turning into the next bolton? lol Hargreaves "bossed the midfield"? umm is that why arsenal had more possession and more chances? Is that why Hargreaves had to resort to a cinical foul to stop Arsenal? Man Utd were lucky to even get a draw they only attacked twice in the whole game.