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    Face It - You lot Can't LIVE Without ME!!!

    LOVING how many threads are about either me or the CHAMPIONS today on the Francenal board!!!! I had to double check that this WAS the Francenal board!!! Hahaha!!

    You guys really are PUPPETS on my string aren't you!!!

    APOLOGIES for not coming on here last night or earlier this morning, I didn't realise you would all be on here with boners in your hand waiting for me....I was a bit selfish and had a bit of a social life last night, ended up playing poker (and winning an awful lot) and drinking games with some rugby lads, and if you know anything about rugby lads you will probably understand why I have not been up long!!! (Im not just talking about the crazy, filthy sex I had either... ;)

    Anyway.....seeing as you are all so DESPERATE to hear from ME, your KING and message board SAVIOUR, I shall bow to your request and give you todays words of WISDOM. Brace yourselves....kleenex at the ready lads....slayer don't forget the KY, Im sure its a bit sore after yesterday....

    YES, United lost, I can't really complain (not us mancs style, more of a southern nancy thing), they did to us what they have been doing to you for years now, and what normally no other team can do, they BULLIED us. Yes Im just as shocked as you, but in that first half we got f*cked up, and fair play to them. UNLIKE you f*ggots, I won't complain, because end of the day the ref is their to protect you. He wasn't great but they are never easy games to manage, and I have found the past two years the ref standard is improving, slightly.... ;)

    Davies probably should have been sent off but he is not a malicious player, and Evra gave as good as he he got so again, no complaints. Sometimes you win (well most of the time), sometimes you lose, even the MIGHTY CHAMPIONS of England, YOUR CHAMPIONS, lose now and then, its part and parcel of the game, and I can understand you being so happy due to your INSECURITIES about us breathing down your necks, but as one of my Francenal mates up from Norf Londin (correct spelling) said to me last night, United will STILL win it, nothings changed! And he is a very intelligent man....smarter than you no question.....but that was a no brainer!!!

    PHEW, you NEEDED that didn't you!!! Hahaha!!

    What would this place like without me, well you have PRETTY MUCH just told me!!!

    Every time we lose I make a point of getting on here, and every time I am not on here within 5 minutes of us losing you guys start m*sturbating about it!! I LOVE IT!!!

    Give me chance girls!!! I am not a machine!!! Hahahaha, thats NOT what she said last night.... :)

    King Chris, SAVIOUR of the FRANCENAL message board.

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