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    Everyone wants to jump ship!

    Gilberto is unhappy and wants out, Diarra has only been there 6 months and is desperate to leave, Bentdner is considering his options, Lehman cannot control his rage everytime he sees Almunia in the side, and despite being a first teamer Flamini wants out!


    Lets not forget everyone hates Eboue. How long until Walcott misses speaking english in his own dressing room?

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    • That's ridiculous.

      1) Gilberto: He wants first team action but he won't get it here, so he is APPROVED to jump ship.

      2) Diarra: He also wants first team action, but he is not going to get it regularly here. But he's only been here six months so DISAPPROVED to jump ship.

      3) Bendtner: He's not going to leave. Not after scoring the winner at Tottenham. DISAPPROVED

      4) Lehmann: Well, what can you say? APPROVED

      5) Flamini: DISAPPROVED. He's a first teamer at Arsenal, for goodness sake. Has the constant challenging for headers made your brain crack?

      6) Toure: Galastaray!! Why would Toure go to Turkey? Why UEFA Cup when he has Champions League? DISAPPROVED!!!

      7) Fabregas: To Portsmouth? What crap! He'll only go to Portsmouth when he is a great-great-grandfather! DISSAPPROVEDD!!!!!

    • Yeah Ive heard Fabregas is looking at Portsmouth Toure wants Ueafa cup action and is considering Galatasaray and Lungberg Alialiadere and Cole are relieved to be away from the sinking ship. Who are you trying to convince you muppet!
      Com on the Gunners bring on Milan!

    • If you had bothered to keep up with the threads here, you would notice that Chris tried to wind people up here a few days ago on a similar tact.

      1 out of 10 for trying fake slayer.