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  • Adie J Adie J Feb 20, 2008 00:49 Flag

    Retrospective Punishment

    I'm not an Arsenal or Man Utd fan but i'm just wondering how is it that Gallas is not retrospectively punished for his kick on Nani? Yes Nani was a show boat and taking the piss but a kicks a kick.

    The point is more along the lines of 'Are the FA saying its ok to kick someone if you have reason to'? Because thats retalliation and where do you draw the line? punching? head butting? The game was watched by millions of kids and its such a bad example to set.

    Also how can they retrospectively punish other teams now? Its things like this that do give credence to the other clubs argument that the BIG teams get preferential treatment. I mean the ref in the liverpool game could have potentially cost Barnsley a fortune by not giving a blatant penalty....fortunately Barnsley got what they deserved. Would other teams have gotten away with what Gallas did? Thoughts?

    It isn't just Arsenal...Man U get more than there fair share of preferential treatment...perhaps more so than Arsenal to be fair....(other than the FA Cup Draw which hasn't favoured them at all)

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